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AEW Wrestling League Report - Post Dynamite 03.06.20 - Match Stats and League Standings.

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The June, 3rd episode of AEW dynamite was built around the first ever defence of the AEW TNT Championship and the first defence of the AEW Tag Championships since lockdown started.

Match Statistics and Analysis Graphs

In-ring Statistics Focus - Dive Rate

A dive is any manoeuvre that uses ring ropes, turnbuckle or an elevated surface to create more momentum.

Here we are examining the relationship between the use of dives in matches and whether or not that increases the likelihood of victory.


- The correlation here is a negative one, meaning a higher rate of dives is not always a good strategy.

- Jungle Boy, Fenix and Orange Cassidy are the most prolific users of diving manoeuvres.

- The wrestler with the highest dive rate also has the worst 1v1 record. However the last 2 weeks of Dark has not been uploaded during which Jungle Boy picked up a win!

- Wrestlers with good win/loss records, again, have moderate use of the particular form of attack.

Last week's chart was available via the YouTube version of the podcast and on Twitter:

AEW Wrestling League - Overall Standings

League tables are formed by the sum of a wrestler's win/loss records. Plus one point for a win and minus one point for a loss. When wrestlers are tied, we then look at form over their previous five matches then total wins.


- 117 wrestlers for the year, 2020.

- Kip Sabian leap-frogs Sammy Guevara as the iron man of AEW, with 19 total matches in 2020.

- Floundering, Cutler and Avalon, are no -13 and -11 respectively.

- The top 4 competitors are 4 champions.

AEW Wrestling League - Male Singles Division


- Cody is breathing down Moxley's neck! However Moxley does have a match against an unsigned wrestler on Dark.

- MJF must be next in line for the AEW World Championship.

- Brian Cage is already up to 9th.

- Lee Johnson and Shawn Dean have been used heavily in this period.

Female Singles Division


- Shida is now streets ahead of the competition. 6 wins between her and Rose.

- The rest of the division is closely packed and will have to battle it out to see who will rise out of the majority.

Male Tag Division


- There is a three-way battle for second between Best Friends, Dark Order and Natural Nightmares.

- The rest of the pack are battling it out in a tight 4 win range.

- Butcher and Blade and Santana and Ortiz pick up their first wins of the year in tag team competition.

Male Overall and Female Overall Standings

Available as distinct divisions here:

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