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AEW Statistics Report - Post 10.06.20 - Cody vs Marq Quen, FTR debut and Submission Stats Focus.

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This week's Dynamite was an eventful one featuring a vile assault featuring a bag of oranges. In the ring FTR debuted and Cody defended the TNT Championship for the second time.

AEW Dynamite - Big Matches

This graph lets us know who is using submission holds effectively and those that are using a failing strategy.

Jimmy Havoc, Kip Sabian and PAC are finding moderate success using an in-ring strategy that leans on submission holds substantially. However, Colt Cabana is finding his strategy of making use of submission holds is not a winning strategy.

On the other end of the graph, Kenny Omega, Brodie Lee and Shawn Spears are holding winning records without using submission holds as a notable part of their style. However, Trent, Joey Janela and Jungle Boy could consider adding submission holds to their repertoire to aid their ailing win/loss records.

The most important part of this piece of analysis is again the fact that the most successful wrestlers are in the middle of the pack. Cody, Jon Moxley and MJF's positioning seems to suggest a moderate use of submission holds is a better strategy than going to either of the extreme ends of the scale.

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