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AEW Star Power Rankings #1 - Post Dynamite 15th July 2020.

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

A slight twist to Power Rankings and this site's stats based content, a ranking of AEW wrestler's fluctuating star power, presence and aura week to week.

1. Jon Moxley

An ex-WWE Champion that won over the smarks in Japan and currently holds the already prestigious AEW Championship. Absence makes the heart grow fonder but killer promos and a big match feel certainly helps. Defending the title in the main event is the cherry on top.

2. Cody Rhodes

The lack of crowd hurts Cody Rhodes, perhaps, more than anyone. However his legacy, position in the company's lore and weekly title defences helps.

3. Chris Jericho

The 'Demo-God' turns all things current into a hook for his character. The ever adapting Chris Jericho is doing career defining work in the twilight of that very career. His positioning is driven by charisma and intelligence despite his advancing years.

4. Kenny Omega

Confusingly Kenny Omega's talent has become a decisive subject to discuss. However that lightening rod status only bolsters his aura. A history of historic and critically acclaimed matches, Omega's time at the pinnacle of the company must be just on the horizon.

5. Adam Page

Another man really damaged by the lack of crowd, Adam Page had the hottest going before the global pandemic hit however this is very much alive in the memory of AEW fans. A sure-fire AEW Champion currently holding tag gold, he holds a lot of value.

6. The Young Bucks

Not currently in the most spotlight but they have very loyal fans and are reliable and noteworthy on an almost weekly basis. They are primed to have high profile matches with FTR and have an eventual and momentous title reign.

7. Hikaru Shida

The AEW Women's division has not been a success. It's not bad but it is a stick to beat the company with. That being said, until injuries derailed things, they had been building it up tremendously. Shida is the leading female in AEW at the moment which is an important role. That being said, she is also one of the absolute best in the ring.

8. FTR

Could have been higher if not for slightly under-delivering alongside the Lucha Bros last night. However, they come to AEW as an act jumping ship which creates an aura which adds to the prestige they built in NXT. Add all that to AEW's focus on high quality tag team wrestling, they are in a superb position.

9. MJF

Under the radar is AEW's ability to build their own stars. There is a clutch of superb young wrestlers that the company is nurturing superbly and the most advanced of those currently is MJF. His charisma and under-appreciated wrestling ability. He can become a huge draw.

10. Britt Baker

Could very well rise up this list swiftly upon return, or as she gets more screen time prior to her return. She is so valuable to the company she has appeared on camera every week since becoming injured.

11. Darby Allin - Huge underdog return underlining potential.

12. Orange Cassidy - See above, but with amazing comedic persona. Unique.

13. Jungle Boy - See Darby Allin! Incredible in the ring. Most in ring potential of younger stars.

14. Lucha Bros - Iconic title reign potential. Expect them to be having vs-Bucks standard again.

15. Luchasaurus - Interest magnet in the ring. Size and presence. So much potential.

16. Kris Statlander - One of the keys to the women's division. Great character, huge potential.

17. Sammy Guevara - Gone for deserved reason. Ability and charisma to spare.

18. Nyla Rose - Will be a feature of the division for years to come. Many title reigns!

19. Proud and Powerful - Great tag team in a great division. Their time will come.

20. Brodie Lee - A divisive figure. Could be very successful, time will tell.


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