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AEW Revolution: Head vs Heart: Picking & Rooting Roundtable for PW Musings

AEW Revolution: Head vs Heart: Picking & Rooting Roundtable for PW Musings

Hello and welcome to the AEW Revolution preview edition of the Pro Wrestling Musings Roundtable!

For each match, the @PWMusings Roundtable Crew will be

  1. Predicting: Who they think will win

  2. Voting with their heads: Choosing who they want to win for story purposes. (For example, my head did not want Christian to be the one to dethrone Kenny Omega at All Out because I wanted that saved for Hangman)

  3. Voting with their Heart: Telling us who they will be rooting for and supporting

In addition to the Pro Wrestling Musings Roundtable crew, I left this form open to any fellow wrestling fans, so you will see their votes included when I show the overall data and charts.

TBS Championship: Jade Cargill (C) vs Tay Conti

The Pro Wrestling Musings crew is 100% predicting a win for Jade, 100% on board with that being the best story option, and 64% are rooting for her. If AEW wants the PW Musings crew to be happy, the safest bet is a Jade Cargill win, and that was backed up by the votes from our other contributors as well.

The overall data:

Sammy Guevara, Darby Allin, & Sting vs Matt Hardy, Andrade, and Isiah Kassidy

100% of the PWMusings crew is predicting Sammy, Darby, and Sting to win. 10/11 of the PWMusings crew think that is also the best story choice, with only Dan dissenting. 10/11 of the PWMusings crew are rooting for Sammy, Darby, and Sting, with only Anthony Bennett rooting against Sting’s squad. The consensus is that for the Head and the Heart, Sting’s Squad is the obvious and correct choice to win.

The overall data:

AEW World Tag Team Titles: Jurassic Express (C) vs ReDragon vs The Young Bucks

From a prediction standpoint, the PW Musings Crew has Jurassic Express pegged as the favorites, with 7 votes, followed by ReDragon (my pick) with 3 votes, and The Young Bucks (PW Musings Tag Team of the Year for 2021) receiving 1 vote.

Voting with our heads, Jurassic Express are the favorites once again with 5 votes, with ReDragon (my pick here again), and The Young Bucks tying for 2nd place with 3 votes each.

Voting with our hearts, Jurassic Express are the favorites with 6 votes, followed by The Young Bucks with 3 votes, and ReDragon as the team with the least fan support here with only 2 votes.

The overall data:

Jon Moxley vs Bryan Danielson

The PW Musings Crew has Mox as the clear favorite here, with 8 votes to Bryan’s 3.

Voting with our heads, Bryan dominates as 9 of 11 of us see Danielson prevailing leading to the best story options, with only Trish and Vlad dissenting.

Voting with our hearts, Mox dominates as 9 of 11 of us are rooting for Jon Moxley, with only Craig and Gareth dissenting.

The overall data:

Eddie Kingston vs Chris Jericho:

The PW Musings Crew has Eddie Kingston as the very slight favorite, edging out Chris Jericho (my pick), 6-5.

Voting with our heads, Eddie Kingston takes a stronger lead, with 8 votes to just 3 for Jericho. I have to admit, this was a tough call for me, because if Jericho wins, it gives Hangman Adam Page a chance to defend the title against someone he has a losing record and some big history with.

Voting with our hearts, Eddie Kingston in a landslide clean sweep 11-0. It feels like an Eddie Kingston loss would have the potential to loom large over the mood of this PPV if not handled with extreme care.

The overall data:

Face of the Revolution Ladder Match

The PW Musings crew has Keith Lee as the favorite, leading with 7 votes, followed by Wardlow with 3 votes, and one vote for The Joker, which apparently does not exist anymore and that spot went to Christian Cage on Rampage, which I did not appreciate, even though I am a Christian fan, because that messed with my article here. However, I still think we will get a surprise entrant anyway. Orange Cassidy received 0 votes, and Ricky Starks and Powerhouse Hobbs received 0 votes, so people don’t have much hope in Team Taz’s numbers advantage.

Voting with our heads, Wardlow was picked as the smartest option, garnering 7 votes, while Keith Lee and Ricky Starks received 2 each, with Cassidy and Hobbs coming up empty again.

Voting with our hearts, Wardlow was the favorite again, edging out Keith Lee 5-4, with Ricky Starks taking home 2 votes, and Cassidy and Hobbs coming up empty again.

The overall data:

AEW Women’s World Championship: Britt Baker vs Thunder Rosa:

The PW Musings crew have Thunder Rosa as the heavy favorite with a 9-2 lead over Britt Baker.

Voting with our heads, it’s a clean sweep in favor of taking the title off of the DMD and crowning a new champ in Rosa.

Voting with our hearts, it’s a landslide victory for Thunder Rosa, with only Peter supporting Britt Baker. This, like Jericho vs Kingston, has a very lopsided level of support and investment in one particular outcome. However, I think this is not where the story ends, as evidenced by my pick for Britt Baker. I think the story ends in two weeks in the main event of St. Patrick’s Day Slam, where they had their famous lights-out match a year ago.

The overall data:

CM Punk vs MJF

The PW Musings crew has CM Punk as the favorite with an 8-3 lead.

Voting with our heads, MJF gets the slight edge with 6 votes to Punk’s 5. I could see this being a tough call. It would be rough for Punk to fall to 0-2 (or 0-3 by MJF’s count at that point), and rough for the babyface to lose after the heel has been so crappy and awful and gotten so much the better of Punk. However, MJF being the next major challenger to Hangman Page at the next PPV seems like it would make for a much better dynamic than Hangman Page vs CM Punk.

Voting with our hearts, CM Punk has a strong lead again with 8 votes to the 3 for MJF, from Anthony, Tim, and Trish. This one surprises me, particularly after this week’s episode of Dynamite where MJF confirmed that he is indeed The Big S***head, as Tony Schiavone would say.

The overall data:

Hangman Adam Page vs Adam Cole

The PW Musings crew has our 3rd consensus prediction pick of the night, with 100% of us going with Hangman Page.

Voting with our heads, Page leads 10-1, with only Andy seeing Adam Cole winning as the ideal outcome.

Voting with our hearts, for the 2nd time tonight we have a consensus, with 100% of us supporting Hangman Adam Page.

The overall data:

Babyfaces with the most support (Heart):

  1. Eddie Kingston - 85%

  2. Thunder Rosa - 85%

  3. Jon Moxley - 85%

  4. Sting, Darby, Sammy - 85%

Heels with the most support (Heart):

  1. Jade Cargill - 65%

  2. MJF + Adam Cole + Young Bucks + ReDragon - All at 25%

Most Head + Heart Consensus (out of 200 total points)

  1. Sting, Darby, Sammy - 170

  2. Thunder Rosa - 165

  3. Hangman Adam Page - 160

  4. Eddie Kingston - 155

  5. Jade Cargill - 150


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