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AEW Rampage In-ring Stats: Rochester 01.10.21 | ft. Bryan Danielson vs Nick Jackson.

AEW Rampage In-ring Stats: Rochester

This week's AEW Rampage started with a bang as Bryan Danielson took on Nick Jackson in a match that underlined the Bryan Danielson character as Daniel Bryan, no longer. Rampage was stated as being more about the fight in advance of its inception, and a 15 minute Bryan Danielson match is the perfect was to do that.

Bryan Danielson vs Nick Jackson

Notable stats:

- Danielson had Nick Jackson in Submission holds for 1.5 minutes of this match; that's 10% of the match.

- This match only had 17 Reversals, little over 1 per minute. Nick didn't even manage to reverse 10% of Danielson's attacks.

- Jackson got 42% of the Big Offence, slightly better than his portion of the Total Offence.

Notable details:

- Despite losing out in the Total Offence split; Jackson shutout Danielson for 4 of the 15 minutes of this match. It was only 3 times for Danielson over Nick.

- Jackson also managed to maintain the advantage for the longest period out of the two wrestlers; minutes 7-11.

- Danielson achieved the two highest peaks of this match; bookending Jackson's period of dominance.

Notable details:

- Jackson's period of offence almost turned this bout around.

- Danielson's early match momentum culminating in minute 6 resulted in the biggest gap between the two competitors.

Notable Details:

- Bryan's periods of offence resulted in a more offence-rich periods of the match than Jackson's.

- The two periods of slowing are during the commercial break; 8th minute, and a instance of interference; 15th minute.

Notable comparisons:

- This match had less Reversals than each of the 3 comparison matches, however it had more Strikes than all three.

- Danielson's Submission use was the highest of the 8 performances compared; this resulted in the match's total being the highest of the four compared.

- This match made the least use of Grapples but the highest of Dives.

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