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AEW Rampage In-ring Statistics | Miami: October 22nd | Andrade El Idolo vs Pac 2

AEW Rampage In-ring Statistics 22.10.21

Another episode of Rampage from Miami, this time a taped one from last weekend's Miami shows. This episode was an odd one. A very slow and not back and forth match to start the show that say a screwy finish. Then a women's match where Anna Jay's rawness was way too exposed and the champion needed a hair-pull to set up her finish... Finally a rematch of a match that finished with a screwy finish finished with a surprise roll-up. I make that 3 indecisive finishes out of three.

I really enjoyed the Andrade/Pac match but this match didn't quite hold the weight of the entire broadcast. I'm not against rematches and I don't mind a third, but I'd much rather see them trade proper falls and need a decider rather than needing a third match because 2 matches failed to prove decisive.

The finishes in AEW are becoming a problem for me and are becoming a crutch that is buckling under too much weight.

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