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AEW Power Rankings | Women's Division | August 15th

Hello, howdy, bonjour and buenos dias my friends to this week's version of the AEW Power Rankings. After we focused on the men's division last week (available at AEW Power Rankings | Men's Division | August 8th. ( this week we look at the often, and sometimes fairly, maligned AEW women's division.

These rankings are done in kayfabe taking into account each woman's role in the world of AEW, their records and their rankings. So here we go....

No.1 - Dr Britt Baker DMD

You won't be shocked to hear that Britt Baker is top of these power rankings. Coming off a week where she would probably be top off this list in the whole of AEW, male or female, the women's champion is currently so far above the rest of the roster that it's frightening. This week she made her triumphant return to 'Brittsburgh' on Dynamite and followed that up in the main event of the first Rampage with a superb title retention against Red Velvet. She is 12-1 for 2021, she's just added some new muscle to her collective with Jamie Hayter and she's still Tony Schiavone's best bud.


No.2 - Kris Statlander

The Galaxy's Greatest Alien did some very down to earth work this week in comprehensively beating ex-champion Nyla Rose to presumably become the number 1 contender for Britt Baker's AEW Women's Championship. With a 15-0 record in 2021, Statlander has certainly earned that position and it will be interesting to see whether she gets that shot on the big stage at All Out or whether we'll see that bout before then, but either way Britt will need to be on her toes to keep her strap.

No.3 - Thunder Rosa

Whilst Kris Statlander appears to be the number 1 contender for the AEW Women's Championship, Thunder Rosa may rightly feel aggrieved at that situation. With 23 wins and just 4 losses in 2021, Rosa was listed as second in AEW's latest set of rankings. On top of that she also has a win, albeit not an officially recognised one, over Britt Baker meaning surely it won't be long until we see that rematch in an official capacity. Rosa has also wrestled on both NWA and Impact in the last month or so, making her one of the most recognised faces in the world of wrestling right now.

No.4 - Hikaru Shida

We haven't seen the former women's champion since she lost that belt to Britt Baker at Double or Nothing in May. That remains Shida's only defeat in 2021 however and since that crushing blow, she has been racking up the victories over on Dark and Dark Elevation. Whilst she doesn't seem set for an immediate tilt at getting her title back, there's no doubt that Shida remains a big presence at the top of the women's division. Hopefully it's a presence we will soon be seeing again on Dynamite and Rampage.

No.5 - Leyla Hirsch

A 15-4 record in all matches in 2021 isn't the best in the division, but Leyla Hirsch will soon be AEW's representative at the hotly anticipated NWA Empower pay-per-view. She earned that match with NWA women's champion Kamille with a dominant victory over The Bunny, and that win over her more illustrious opponent has catapulted her up these rankings. That clash will be a fascinating contrast of styles and sizes, and whilst Leyla will certainly go in as the underdog, her recent performances suggest she will give Kamille a very good run for her money.

No.6 - Jade Cargill

Jade Cargill returned to the ring for the first time in almost two months this week on Dark Elevation, and proved she hasn't missed a step by squashing Amber Nova in 45 seconds. Whilst jet-setting around the world with Mark Sterling has taken up much of Jade's focus recently, her unbeaten 9-0 record means that she will surely soon be seen as a challenger too whoever is holding the women's belt. If she doesn't get a title shot in the next 6 months, it will only because she has instead decided to focus on her 'brand' instead.

No.7 - Tay Conti

Tay Conti is another woman that we haven't seen on television for a while, with her last Dynamite appearance coming in April when she lost to then champion Hikaru Shida. Since then however she has gone undefeated with 13 wins in a row, and currently sits at number 4 in the women's rankings. Having already had a shot at the title this year, it's perhaps unrealistic to expect another go around in 2021, but if those wins keep stacking up she'll certainly be in the conversation again soon.

No.8 - Serena Deeb

Currently injured, Serena Deeb continues to be a huge presence in the AEW women's division. Her 6-1 winning record would surely be more impressive if she had avoided injury, and she has already vowed to challenge for the women's championship when she is back in full health. With wins over Tay Conti, Red Velvet and Riho in 2021, not many women in this division will be looking forward to Serena Deeb's return.

No.9 - Red Velvet

We certainly saw a different side of Red Velvet this week, with the usually affable star blindsiding Britt Baker on Dynamite before putting the champ through the ringer, and indeed Britt's own signature move, in their title match. Unfortunately for Velvet all of that wasn't enough to dethrone the champion and it is likely she will need to build up a few more wins before she is back in that sort of exalted company. She is currently number 3 in the AEW rankings however and has 24 wins under her belt in 2021 alone, so do not expect her to go gently into that good night.

No.10 - Jamie Hayter

A potentially controversial choice considering she hasn't wrestled in AEW in 2021. However the woman from Southampton has hitched her wagon to the most powerful woman in the division, Dr Britt Baker DMD, and that lone is enough to get her on this list. On top of that it was a fairly significant debut appearance for Hayter as she dismantled Kris Statlander and Red Velvet in the wake of the Doctor's title win. Will we see her turn that impressive violence into victories? Only time will tell, but the women's division has officially been put on notice,


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