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AEW Power Rankings - Post Dynamite 22/07/20 - A Star is Born!

This was one of the better overall Dynamite’s in the entirety of AEW’s lifespan. And it makes it so much easier for me as someone who does power rankings when such a variety of competitors are in action. But who improved their stock? Who failed to impress? And who could be the one to finally dethrone any of the long-reigning champs? Of course there’s only one way to find out…


1) MJF (8-0 Singles, 10-2 Overall)

He was quite insistent on making sure we all know he’s undefeated at the expense of his opponent’s health on this week's Dynamite. At this point, MJF should hang onto this spot until he loses. It would take a heroic performance from someone else to make me believe they are more of a threat than Mr. Friedman.

2) LANCE ARCHER (8-1 Singles, 9-1 Overall)

Archer is absolutely unhinged. We can talk about the stats: a 9-1 overall record, 5th in the company in strikedowns, 50% match offense. But what scares me most about Archer is that I genuinely don’t think this man is with us anymore. He literally threw a man’s head through the ceiling then put him in the garbage. When JAKE ROBERTS is telling you to take it easy, something’s gone wrong. Beware of Lance Archer…

3) DARBY ALLIN (7-4 Singles, 7-7 Overall)

Every week this kid is in a match he looks better. He remains near the bottom of AEW in all offensive statistics, but he has a 33% reversal rate- one of the best in the company- and his 45% match offense proves he can take control of a match when he transitions defense to offense. Allin is hot as an oven and it’s time for him to strike while the iron’s hot. He is a perfect matchup for Cody who thrives in matches where he can take control. I am thoroughly on the Darby Allin bandwagon right now.

4) BRIAN CAGE (6-1 Singles, 6-1 Overall)

As I suspected, Taz confirmed his throwing in the towel in Cage’s World Championship match was a long-term move. And while that may have been the right call, it unfortunately means Cage will have to prove himself again to go up these rankings. There’s no doubt he can, the guy’s spent 22 minutes in the ring across six matches and that includes his match with Mox and he’s the best grappler in the company by far with 79 grapples an hour. Maybe a few matches with the dangerous Darby Allin can get Cage back on track…

5) EDDIE KINGSTON (0-1 Singles, 0-1 Overall)

I mean… how could you not? In a lot of ways, Kingston outwrestled one of the most dominant competitors on the planet. You can count on one hand the number of opponents that have had a higher match offense percentage in a match against Cody. Cody is the best grappler in the company on a per match basis; Kingston outgrappled him. Kingston never went for a pin and had it not been for his knee, he may very well be TNT Champion right now. In one night, he pushed Cody to his limit and announced himself as one of the most dangerous men in the world. Tony Khan, sign this man NOW and put him in a match every week, this guy could really be something.


1) NYLA ROSE (6-2 Singles, 9-2 Overall)

Judging by its promo package, it seems the Deadly Draw will feature the Native Beast. This could be a big opportunity for Rose, who already seems to have her sights set on World Champion Shida. It might not be possible to get inside the champ’s head, but a big performance in the first ever women’s tag tournament could go a long way.

2) BIG SWOLE (5-3 Singles, 5-3 Overall)

Swole made it clear she wants a shot at Britt Baker. Can’t say I blame her. But I certainly hope Swole will also test herself in the ring until Baker can return. There’s not much she can do during her suspension of course, but as soon as Swole can return to action I expect some star making performances.

3) PENELOPE FORD (4-4 Singles, 5-5 Overall)

Ford and Swole are actually very similar. They have the same record, almost identical times in ring, take the same amount of offense and control a similar percentage of their matches. And in fact, their ways forward are identical as well: win more matches. The more Ford wins, the better she looks and the closer she gets to her rematch with the champ.

4) DIAMONTE (2-2 Singles, 2-2 Overall)

I already knew the winner of the Diamonte-Ivelisse match would make these rankings with two of the competitors injured. But it’s no lie to say Diamonte impressed me. While she isn’t as polished in the ring as the top three, she is a unique competitor with no real weaknesses across the board. She uses her striking game and grappling ability to her advantage and brings in surprising speed and agility when needed like we saw against Ivelisse. After watching her Dynamite debut, I want to see more of her against the top women in the company.

5) BRITT BAKER (4-4 Singles, 6-4 Overall)

It seems the good doctor has tabbed All Out on September 5 for her “anticipated” return. Whether she’s in these rankings or not come the fall, Baker will return as one of the premier competitors in the division without question and will find herself near the top of the division.


1) FTR (3-0)

This is the power of Cash and Dax: they don’t even need to have a match to increase their standing with me. It seems it will take a legendary effort to unseat the Mega Cowboys, and FTR are playing the role of the wedge driven between the already paradoxical Hangman-Omega combination. FTR is playing the long game, and it seems to be working…

2) DARK ORDER (7-0)

These rankings are about what I think of the teams in the division, which would explain why the #2 team has a championship shot next week. Now Dark Order may very well win that match with the help of their dozen or so extra hands outside the ring, but don’t sleep on Stu Greyson and Evil Uno. These guys are the real deal and have been teaming together longer than any other combination in the Order. While its been months since any kind of sustained success from the duo, their run in the tag team tournament proves these guys can go.

3) YOUNG BUCKS (7-3)

The Bucks drew over one million viewers for their match with Butcher & Blade. Does that affect their ability as a tag team for these rankings? No. But does it mean that level of star power could buy the Bucks more matches? You better believe it. We know how good the incredible brothers can be and now is the time for them to show it against the deepest tag team division in AEW.


I assume the sensational youngsters have been in the training room with Matt Hardy for weeks now and that’s what they need. What they lack in polish they make up for in pure athleticism, but teams in AEW have been teaming together for years. The Party needs a little more time to perfect their style, but there’s no doubt there are big things ahead for the young duo.

5) BEST FRIENDS (11-5)

I went over several teams to put in this spot, mostly because the Best Friends haven’t seen action on Dynamite since night one of Fyter Fest. But you can’t ignore their proven record of success. They are the only team in AEW with more than 10 wins, they lead the promotion in ring time and they are one of the better defensive teams in the promotion. There’s no doubt they need more high profile wins to increase their standing, but there’s also no doubt they have the ability to get those wins.


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