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AEW Power Rankings I Tag Team Division I August 22nd

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

Hello friends. Welcome to this week's edition of the AEW Power Rankings. After focusing on the men's and women's divisions the past two weeks, this week we look at those that prefer to work in unison.

These rankings are done in kayfabe taking into account each tag teams role in the world of AEW, their records and their rankings and also their strength of schedule in the past month. So here we go....

No.1- The Young Bucks

Their tactics have not been to everyone's taste post their turn to the dark side in April but it has produced results that have kept them on the top of the AEW tag division. The Jacksons played their part in helping Kenny Omega prevent Hangman Page from getting his shot at the AEW World Title and a successful defence of the tag titles against Jurassic Express has solidified their spot on top of the AEW Power Rankings. The toughest challenge of their reign as champs is coming though in a Steel Cage that should be keeping their Elite stablemates from interfering but they should still be starting as favourites at All Out

No.2- The Lucha Brothers

Since Fenix's return from a three-month absence, he and his brother Penta El Zero Miedo have been undefeated with 5 of their 6 wins against AEW contracted teams. They also were part of the winning team that beat The Elite at The House Always Wins special event in Jacksonville. Two more victories and they get a match with The Bucks, who they are 1-1 in AEW in the Cage and with Fenix and Penta's victory over Nick and Matt Jackson coming away from the traditional tag team match rules two years ago. The Lucha Bros will feel they will have the edge going into All Out.

No.3- Jurassic Express

After succumbing to the numbers game against The Young Bucks and The Elite, Luchasaurus and Jungle Boy's win against Private Party put them back on the road for a chance to wrestle for the titles at All Out. Jungle Boy once again took members of The Elite to the limit showing the AEW fanbase that he has the potential of winning the AEW championships and with one more victory, the Boy and his Dinosaur get The Bucks in a Steel Cage in what will be their best chance of gold.

No.4- FTR

Disclaimer- Dax Harwood sent a tweet during the time that I was writing this article up with the words "Top Guys Out". Speculation has already started as to the meaning of the tweet with fears that Cash Wheeler's injury suffered in the match against Santana and Ortiz might be career-ending.

FTR's focus in the past five months has been centred on helping MJF win his war with Chris Jericho as part of The Pinnacle with The Top Guys competing in only four tag team matches since joining up with MJF with just one being against AEW contracted wrestlers but that one victory was a very impressive win. Cash Wheeler was injured after suffering a terrible cut in a freak accident leaving Dax Harwood on his own against Santana and Ortiz and yet Dax managed to pick up with the win after hitting the brainbuster on Ortiz. A rematch will be on the cards when Cash returns and should FTR win, surely a shot at the AEW Tag Titles is on the cards for The Top Guys.

No.5- Private Party

While the defeat to Jurassic Express was a block in the road for Marq Quen and Isiah Kassidy, their form in the past month has seen them as an under the radar force. Their win over Chuck Taylor and Wheeler Yuta was an impressive tick on their record as was their win in unison with The Acclaimed over Varsity Blonds and Five and Ten from the Dark Order and with tag team veteran Matt Hardy as their mentor, you cannot rule Private party out for the rest of 2021

No.6- Sting and Darby Allin

Admit it, you cheered like crazy when Sting rose from the rubble after he was powerbombed through the table by 2point0. Sting rolling back the years on Dynamite against the AEW's newest team signified how great his 2021 has been so far and with the male singles ranks potentially getting very congested, could Darby post his All Out clash with CM Punk change his focus on the tag ranks with his mentor and give Sting one last great title victory and Tony Schiavone one last great "STIIIIIIIIING" call. Also, admit this, you want to see Matt Jackson get hit with the Stinger Splash don't you?

No.7- Gunn Club

At this point, you might as well call Billy Gunn and his son Colten the masters of Dark and Dark: Elevation as they are now 8-0 with all their victories on YouTube and while the early part of their win streak has seen a strength of schedule that you would have been forgiven for a SEC football team playing out of conference, the past few weeks has seen victories over Aaron Solo and Nick Comoroto (who were contenders for the tenth spot until Sting and Allin's victory over 2point0) and AEW contracted stars Brock Anderson and Lee Johnson. A few wins on the main shows on TNT and Billy is in line to get an shot at another reign as a World Tag Champion at the age of 57.

No.8- 2point0

Since joining AEW, Jeff Parker and Matt Lee have compiled a 3-1 record with the solitary loss being against Hall of Famer Sting and former TNT champion Darby Allin. Victories over non-contracted AEW talent were impressive and with their AEW futures confirmed when they became All Elite despite their loss to Sting and Allin, expect to see more from the former NXT team in AEW. Not sure attacking Jon Moxley and Eddie Kingston was wisest idea in wrestling history though.

No.9- Shawn Spears/Wardlow

If you don't watch the YouTube shows this inclusion would seem bizarre but Spears and Wardlow have won two matches on Dark, both times in less than three minutes and with Cash Wheeler's absence for what could be for an extended period of time, could "The Chairman" and "Mr. Mayhem" end up becoming The Inner Circle's representatives in the tag team division.

No.10- Varsity Blonds

With their last tag team match being on 17th July, the Varsity Blonds inactivity has been an obstacle for Brian Pillman. Jr and Griff Garrison. They competed in a very competitive rivalry with The Acclaimed before Max Caster enforced absence after distasteful comments during an episode of Dark in Charlotte, NC but post that night a victory in 8-man tag action with the Jurassic Express against The Wingmen has let the AEW fans know that they mean business and a invite to the Tag Team Championship Eliminator Tournament could see them with another opportunity to take on the Bucks for the gold.

Honorable Mentions- Santana and Ortiz

This could seen as a controversial omission but Santana and Ortiz's biggest problem regarding their ranking has been two-fold. 1) They have been distracted by the ongoing conflict between the Inner Circle and The Pinnacle since March, only competing in a 2 vs 2 tag team match on four occasions. 2) The eagerly awaited contest with FTR ended up being a massive disappointment for the New Yorkers. Despite having a 2-on-1 advantage with Cash Wheeler's unfortunate injury, they couldn't put Dax Harwood away and what resulted was a defeat that seen them plummet down the rankings. When they have their eventual rematch when Cash returns, a win is crucial for the Inner Circle pair in their path to a Championship match.


For me:


Jurassic Express

Lucha Bros (soon to be 2nd)


Sting & Darby

Santana & Ortiz

Good Brothers

Death Triangle

Varsity Blondes

Moxley & Kingston


Craig William
Craig William
Aug 23, 2021

Fascinating list! I'd go... Bucks

Jurassic Express

Lucha Bros


Sting and Darby

Good Brothers

Varsity Blondes

Page and Sky

Moxley and Kingston

Uno and Stu

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