AEW Power Rankings 10 - 06.12.19

Each Week Pro Wrestling Musings brings you a statistically informed Power Rankings. Wrestlers are ranked based on their statistical records with weighting given to the more recent results as is in keeping with Power Rankings and their kayfabe power and stature in the company.

The statistics that inform this Power Rankings can be found here:

1. Chris Jericho

Unmoved from last week

Unmoved at the top of the power rankings. Chris Jericho seems in total control of AEW at this time. His only challenger is a lone wolf, albeit a dangerous one.

'Le Champion' is so valuable and in control within the company, even when he is contracted to perform he is given license to pick his own opponent. Somehow he finds himself against the worse ranked wrestler in all of AEW.

All that being said, due to his reluctance to compete he is below Jon Moxley in the 1-1 standings(when you include unsanctioned matches).

Overall - 1. Male Overall - 1. Male 1-1 - 2.

2. SCU

Unmoved from last week

An absentee week for SCU with the exception of Christopher Daniels, who lost to Pentagon. Another week like this and they won't stand a chance of resisting Jon Moxley anymore.

They remain in second due to their amassed victories and position at the top of the tag team standings, trio's standings and the lofty positions of Sky and Kaz overall.

Scorpio Sky: Overall - 5. Male Overall - 4. Tag - 1.

Frankie Kazarian: Overall - 3. Male Overall - 2. Tag - 1.

Christopher Daniels: Overall - 25. Male Overall - 18. Trio - 1.

3. Jon Moxley

Unmoved from last week

Jon Moxley is on a tear. His sights are set on Chris Jericho and the biggest prize in AEW. However if the 'Lexicon of Le Champion' is anything to go by, the champion is not going to be willing to explore such a contest if he can do anything about it.

Another victory for Moxley, this time out against Joey Janela propels him above Chris Jericho in the 1-1 standings (when including unsanctioned matches). He sits comfortably atop the AEW Rankings and quite rightly so.

Quite possibly the most popular man in AEW outside of Cody, the former Shield member can't regret his decision one iota.

Overall - 4. Male Overall - 3. Male 1-1 - 1.

4. Riho

Unmoved from last week

Luckily for Riho, AEW has a lack of competitors really gaining momentum at the moment. Thus her Full Gear and pre-Full Gear results sees her hanging onto fourth place.

With the women's division being questioned online and by critics at every turn, having your top star, your champion working for a different company in a different continent, really doesn't help.

Her return can't come soon enough.

Overall - 2, Female Overall - 1, Female 1-1 - 1.

5. Hikaru Shida

Unmoved from last week

Another female superstar who is fortunate to have maintained such a high standing. Currently the AEW roster is in a state of flux. Wrestlers are jostling for position and nobody is really managing to build up much steam. Nobody is a better example of this than Hikaru Shida.

Just when she had reached the front of the women's division, she lost in a big way to Kris Statlander who was wrestling her first 1-1 match in AEW. Fortunately for her Britt Baker wasn't in action to take advantage of this and she had enough of a buffer over the other women in the division.

Overall - 17, Female Overall - 4, Female 1-1 - 6.

6. MJF

Unmoved from last week

Another wrestler absent from Dynamite. MJF was present in spirit as Cody pretty much begged for his attention. A later appearance on social media to reply to Cody was well received and he looked menacing as he addressed his victim. A look we haven't really seen from him in AEW.

MJF seems positioned to become a major force in AEW. The Dynamite Diamond Ring hasn't been explained yet but it is still being put over as a big prize and seems to have been the most significant prize since the inception of the titles.

Overall - 14. Male Overall - 12. Male 1-1 - 4.

7. Proud and Powerful

Up 4 from last week

This week was almost a resurrection for Proud and Powerful after a difficult loss to Private Party. A big win over Jurassic Express and a tremendous performance against the Young Bucks and Dustin Rhodes boosts them up the tag rankings.

Next week is basically a number one contenders match. If Santana and Ortiz win they will be the undeniable top of the tag division. A loss would be costly but they would still be 1 for 1 with the Young Bucks.

Overall - 10/11. Male Overall - 8/9. Tag - 2.

8. Young Bucks

Unlisted last week

The Bucks have rehabilitated their AEW record yet again and have set up a return match against Proud and Powerful. For a certain section of fans, and I count myself one of them, almost nobody brings quite the same excitement to the ring and Matt and Nick Jackson.