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AEW Men's Division Statistical Analysis

Male Wrestler's Win/Loss Records vs Average Offence

This is a visualisation of Male AEW wrestler's with 20 minutes plus of traditional 1v1 action on PPV and Television. It includes data from all 1v1 matches on TV and PPV in 2021 up to 8th August. This image charts these wrestlers win/loss records in traditional 1v1 matches on TV or PPV with their average percentage of offence split in these matches.

This was we can see how AEW matches are presenting certain wrestlers in terms of whether they win and whether they dominate most of the action in their matches. That gives up four possible tendencies for performers;

- tend to win/dominate.

- tend to win without dominating.

- tend to lose but tend to dominate.

- tend to lose and tend not to dominate.

Via these numbers, Jon Moxley is the strongest booked man in AEW. He had a +5 record as of 8th August and had just over a 55% average split of the offence in his matches. Kenny Omega is the only other man with an average of over 50% of total match offence, if only just, and a positive record.

Of course there are other male wrestlers with a positive win/loss record in 2021 in traditional rules 1v1 matches on TV/PPV. However all 8 of these wrestlers have an average of less than half the total offence in their matches. Page and Christian are both very close to the 50% mark, despite their records of +8 and +6. MJF and Orange Cassidy have very negative average offence splits for men with positive win/loss records.

Wrestlers with positive average splits of their total match offence but negative win/loss records should, in kayfabe, be really frustrated. In reality, AEW are not booking these guys to win but are booking them to at least look strong in the ring. Penta and Brian Cage are two that are being booked most strongly despite losing more often than not on TV/PPV.

For those that are not being presented as winners or strong, Kazarian is being booked the least negatively of the four with Sydal and Ten being booked least strongly in different ways.

These are fascinating trends that we can unearth via PWMusings' in-ring statistics, which fascinatingly show that their is a trend for winners in the AEW Men's Division to get in less offence than the losers.

Thank you for reading, stay tuned for the same statistical analysis of the Women's and Tag Divisions.


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