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AEW Match Stats - Dynamite 21.04.21 - ft. Hikaru Shida and Darby Allin

AEW Dynamite Match Stats - 21.04.21

This week's AEW Dynamite contained 6 singles matches, two of which were title defences. We also saw Christian Cage and Hangman Adam Page in action. We saw two very different title defences, Shida dominated her match and vanquished an able challenger and Darby Allin who scratched, clawed and, vitally, pulled the follicles of his title-reign threatening challenger.

Featured Match - Jungle Boy vs Darby Allin - TNT Championship

Jungle Boy came into this match determined to build on a previously failed TNT Championship challenge. This challenge went differently, instead of feeling proud of falling to a more experienced and polished talent, he should feel aggrieved and hard-done by.

Jungle Boy out-did Darby Allin in every in-ring metric with the exception of fouls. In-fact he more than doubled Allin in all of the advanced (Strikedowns, Grapples, Dives and Submissions)

offensive metrics with the exception of Dives. In fact he at least doubled Allin in these categories; Strikedowns, Grapples and Submission time.

Darby Allin's desperate, unsporting and reprehensible tactics are highlighted further in the Fow of Offence chart below. Jungle Boy had total control of the contest. Darby Allin's hair pull of escape the second Snare Trap was the pivotal moment in this match.

Featured Match - Jungle Boy vs Darby Allin - TNT Championship

Yet another win for Shida, setting up a highly anticipated chat with the doctor, Britt Baker. Britt Baker will need all of her intelligence, acumen and tricks to stand a chance against this dominant champion.

Shida doubled the previously on-fire, Tay Conti's offense. She out-did Conti in almost all offensive metrics with the exception of dives, but even out-grappling the judo-expert. The only positive for Conti was her superior Strikedown Rate.

The Flow of Offence chart displays Shida's dominance. However it does highlight Tay Conti's uneven performance. She was out-done at the beginning, completely crashed between 3-6m but had the most explosive 3 minutes before falling to Shida's superiority. Without crashing in the second 3 minute period Conti may have had a chance of challenging Shida.

Christian Cage vs Powerhouse Hobbs

Some night and day stats emerged from this encounter. Cage was entirely unable to knockdown Hobbs, hitting 25 Strikes but 0 being Strikedowns. Cage was also unable to apply any Submissions with his opponent utilising 66 seconds.

In defeat, Hobbs was unable to capitalise on a 39% Strikedown Rate and doubling his opponent's use of Grapples. He may wish to reflect on his 14 Taunts.

'Hangman' Adam Page vs Ricky Starks

This was a tight contest where Page's ability to transition from foundation level Strikes to special offence was key. Only 3 of Stark's 20 offensive actions were not simple Strikes, in comparison to 10 of Page's 26 attacks.

Trent? vs Penta

When looking at the stats, this was a tight contest that could have gone either way. Penta preferred transitioning from Strikes to Dives and Grapples whereas Trent? progressed to Dives and Strikedowns. Penta's Taunts as always are prevalent and his 2 Fouls were pivotal.

Billy Gunn vs QT Marshall

This wouldn't have gone well for QT Marshall without interference. Exactly doubled in Strikes and out-done in Strikedowns and Grapples. A big thank you is in order to Anthony Agogo.


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