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AEW In-ring Statistics 2021 - as of May 12th

AEW In-ring Statistics

Below you will find the accumulative statistics for each wrestler that has appeared on Dynamite, a PPV or the AEW Women's World Championship Tournament. These are the totals for each metric used by each wrestler or team, scaled to get a per hour rate to flatten total ring time, disparities. It has been sorted by Total Ring Time to highlight the most used wrestlers.

Former TNT Champion Darby Allin tops the table for most 1v1 or 2v2, traditional rules in-ring time since the 1st of January. Despite his +6 record in these matches, Allin takes more offence than he hits per hour, with 187 against and 166 for. You may also notice his offensive metrics tend to be lesser than most of the Male wrestlers in the Top 25.

Another stand out performer here is Ryo Mizunami. Not seen on the main shows since her loss to Shida, Mizunami is an incredibly strong striker. Only out done for Strikes by notable brawler Jon Moxley, she also has a top tier Strikedown rate. Her strong use of simple Strikes is a big reason as to why her Offence For rate is the second highest in the Top 25.

The Young Bucks statistics are well worth paying some attention to. Before their heel turn their numbers were regularly hitting double figures for Strikedowns, Grapples and Dives in their 10-15 minute matches. They are top in the Top 25 for Strikedowns, have a strong Grapple rate and are third in the Top 25 for Dive rate. Their Offence For rate is second only to Moxley's.

Triple-World Champion Kenny Omega is alway worth examining. With only 2, 1v1 matching in 2021 fought under traditional rules, Omega has still chalked up almost 30 minutes of action in these matches. In that time Omega has achieved a Grapple rate of 40 per hour! That's a lot of Snap Dragons. However as a heel he has utilised 0 Dives in those 2 matches. His matches have been fairly even, percentage wise, with him almost having parity in terms of Offence For and Offence Against rates.

Jon Moxley has been mentioned a couple of times already because of strong stats. Many won't be surprised by this due to the intensity he brings to the ring. However the longer a match goes, the more downtime for selling it contains. Moxley has had two matches where he made very short work of Comoroto and Nemeth. Yet he still has the highest Strike rate and Offence For rate of any in the Top 25 accumulated ring times.

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