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AEW Dynamite Match Stats 19.05.21 - ft. Serena Deeb vs Red Velvet

AEW Dynamite 19.05.21 - Match Stats

The penultimate episode of Dynamite before Double or Nothing featured 6 matches. Two of which were squashes, the other four are detailed below...

Serena Deeb vs Red Velvet

A fantastic heel performance from Serena Deeb here, perhaps hinting at a clash with Thunder Rosa for the NWA Championship at Double or Nothing? This new attitude was underscored by heavy Strikes, particularly European Uppercuts.

Deeb came out of the gates fast and laid in Strikes immediately, with the opening 3 minutes of the match punctuated by 4 out of the 5 Grapples Deeb used in the whole contest. Red Velvet was able to get in her most sustained period of offence in the second 3 minute period, with a spate of Strikedowns and a particularly nasty looking Moonsault to the neck/face. The end of the match saw less Offence but more Reversals with Deeb getting the best of Velvet with her second Serenity Lock of the match.

Big Offence was introduced in the coverage of Blood and Guts, this is the first week it has been included in the standard match graphics. Big Offence is all Offence except simple Strikes; so Strikedowns, Grapples, Dives and every 5 seconds of Submission. Deeb's use of Submissions seems to have been key to her Offensive domination.

Varsity Blonds vs Young Bucks

This fiery encounter was characterised by large offensive shifts; Reversals were rare and when each team took control they held the advantage for a good 2 minutes or so. The Flow of Offence below shows how much Offence the Blondes, impressively, managed to get in when in control.

It is a triumph that the Bucks have left behind their supremely entertaining Offence-rich displays; most of which were hitting double figures for Strikedowns, Grapples and even Dives. As you can see, they only hit 2 Grapples in this entire encounter, the entertaining big moves have been dropped in favour of heelish histrionics.

Jon Moxley/Eddie Kingston vs The Acclaimed

This was a low-key but entertaining match with a superb lead-in via the character work of the four men. Moxley and Kingston were a fascinating pair to receive the reactionary words of Caster and Bowens.

The match was similarly lacking in Reversals as was the Tag Title match later on. The teams got a lot of Offence when they were in control and held the control for a comparatively long period of time in comparison to most matches. Strikedowns were key to Moxley and Kingstons Big Offence lead over the Acclaimed and were the main vehicle in presenting them as the stronger team.

Christian Cage vs Matt Sydal

A 50-50 encounter to start off the show. Sydal used more simple Strikes but Christian instead ground down Sydal with almost triple the Submission time. This led to the difference in Big Offence.


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