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AEW Dynamite In-ring Stats | Rochester: 29th September | ft. Sammy Guevara vs Miro

In-ring Stats for AEW Dynamite, September 29th

This week's Dynamite emanated from the late Brodie Lee's hometown of Rochester, New York. The episode featured frequent references to Brodie by the fans, commentators and wrestlers alike. This wasn't a full-scale Brodie tribute as we have seen in the past but a more subtle honouring of a great man in front of his home town fans.

This episode was headlined by Sammy Guevara's toppling of the wonderful TNT Champion, Miro:

Sammy Guevara vs Miro - TNT Championship

Notable Stats:

- Classic monster vs high-flyer split; many simple Strikes and Dives vs Strikedowns, Grapples and Submissions.

- Sammy almost matches Miro for Fouls.

- Miro's Taunts are off the chart again.

- An exact 50-50 Offence split is rare.

Notable Details:

- Sammy has to withstand two Miro peaks before taking control.

- Miro spends 4 whole minutes without getting in any offence throughout the match; Sammy with 3.

- Sammy out-did Miro in terms of offence in 7 of the 13 whole minutes; Miro out did Sammy in 6 of them.

- Sammy had the advantage in each of the last 5 whole minutes of the match.

- Miro had the advantage in 6 of the first 8 minutes of this match.

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