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AEW Dynamite 14.04.21 - Match Stats - ft. Fenix/PAC vs Young Bucks

The Young Bucks are back! Well the Young Bucks of old are back or elements of them are anyway! Matt and Nick Jackson started off this week's AEW Dynamite by cutting up their old gear and promising change. They then put on an absolute all-timer of a match alongside Fenix and PAC. This week's featured match is unsurprisingly...

Featured Match - Young Bucks vs Fenix/PAC

I had an odd experience watching this match, in a good way. I was confused at first as to why they dilly-dallied at the start of the show, then i was frustrated that AEW seemed to have dropped the advert-free first match 'slot' of the show and I even became concerned that the Bucks' new style was significantly more pedestrian than their previous style. However as things transpired the reasoning was sound and the slowing of the pace was due to the length of the contest.

Overall the offence split was even, however there were differences in the big hitting offensive jabs selected. Fenix/PAC opted for slightly more grapples than the Bucks and more than double the dives. Whereas, the Bucks achieved more than double the strikedowns and utilised almost a minute of submission time. This does represent a change in the Bucks style as they tone down the dives without eliminating them.

In terms of working as a team, the big difference is in frequency of tags with the Bucks utilising the energy conversion benefits of subbing in and out. They also achieved an extra tag block.

In terms of the ebb and flow of the match, Fenix/PAC have a very rise and fall pattern with them starting hot, fading majorly and rallying at the end only to fall short. On the other hand, The Bucks mirrored their opponents in contrary, peaking in the middle of the match but their falls were not as dramatic.

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