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AEW Dynamite 07.04.21 - Match Stats

AEW Dynamite 07.04.21 - Match Stats

Featured Match - Jon Moxley/Young Bucks vs Kenny Omega/Good Brothers

The match offence split gives more credit to the 'Bullet Club' than they perhaps deserve in this match. Gallows, Anderson and Omega kept up in terms of strikes, just about, but they were crushed when it came to translating strikes into higher-impact offence. Whereas the Bucks and Moxley did not have that problem.

Jon Moxley and the Young Bucks hit double figures for all three big impact metrics; grapples, dives and strikedowns. They doubled their adversaries in terms of power grapples, hit 6 more strikedowns and utilised diving strikes with 11 hits. Despite hitting far more offence they even managed more than double the reversals.

The Bullet Club were so out-classed in this match, they seemed done for unless they were able to pull off a surprise roll-up, a cheap trick or rely on their opponents to completely implode. The depth of offence difference between the two teams is illustrated below.

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