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AEW Dark: Spring Wrap-Up

From March 7th to May 24th AEW has had 126 singles matches between Dark and Dark:Elevation. From those matches I've pulled data from 30 workers who appeared at least three times. Ring time is represented in fractions (ie Agogo's 12.75 is equal to 12minutes and 45 seconds).


Ashley DAmboise makes a stunning claim to the top spot for Strikedown Average as almost half of her strikes result in her opponent leaving their feet. Dark has always been the shows for young unsigned talent to get attention and DAmboise has done just that. It should be noted that she only had 10 total strikes (4 strikedowns, 6 strikes) across three matches (all losing efforts) but this is one of those stats that stands out when I'm compiling data.


Statlander is the clear winner in this category having the highest grapples per minute and most overall grapples across the season (by a large margin). Offense per minute tracks overall offense (strikes, grapples, dives, submissions) and the current ROH Women's Champion is number one at a rate of 6.22. Julia Hart started strong early in the season but hasn't been featured much since her run in with the House of Black a few weeks back. Lance Archer is a mainstay in these categories and he is the only other worker who scored over 6 offensive points per minute.


Ruby Solo didn't make the charts for either strikes or grapples, but when it came to reversals she was far and away the winner. Red Velvet made gains and sits comfortably in the second spot, while Kazarian is 3rd for reversals per minute, and Ashley DAmboise is 3rd for average rate.


AEW for the most part has clearly defined faces and heels, and heels being the characters they are it only makes sense that they bend the rules to their advantage. The top three neer-do-wells are Emi Sakura (.73 fouls per minute), Ryan Nemeth (.36f/m), and Abadon (.35 f/m, mostly bite related).

Double or Nothing

Previous seasons of Dark featured the rise of talent like Thunder Rosa, however this was not the case this time. Only three workers scored records of 6-0 over the past 12 weeks. Kazarian, Abadon, and Tony Nese. While Kazarian and Nese both earned spots on the PPV, Abadon isn't featured which is too bad as she's been improving both as a character (despite not talking) and as a worker. Statlander is also high up in the rankings (5-0) but it remains to be seen if she'll have a spot on the show Sunday. If she doesn't feature in the PPV, I do have a feeling that a big push is on the horizon for our former alien.


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