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AEW Dark: Mid-Season Check-In

We are halfway to Double or Nothing in Las Vegas and with six weeks to go it's time to check-in with the action from Dark and Dark: Elevation. There have been 67 singles matches from March 7th through April 12th. Below are the workers who appeared at least three times during that period.

The MVP of the past six weeks has been Kazarian (6-0, 24min23sec of ring time). I would like to think that he's getting reps in before a run at the TNT title, but it's more likely that he's a solid veteran that excels at working with younger talent. As for the women, Diamante has been getting solid wins and it'll be interesting to see if this results in a higher profile for her in the future.


Lance Archer shows up frequently in these re-caps and for good reason. He's presented as one of the biggest and meanest giants on the roster and having him run through opposition only re-enforces this. As for strikedown rates (the percentage of strikes that results in the opponent losing footing) Abadon comes out on top, with Archer second, and Sonny Kiss rounding out the top three.


Our MVPs Kazarian and Diamante both make their presence known when looking at grapple stats. Nyla Rose is a mainstay in this category and she comes in at number three for grapples per minute. There's been some online "debate" lately regarding the effectiveness of Ruby Soho's AEW run. What I've seen from watching Dark is that Soho is the most effective at using reversals during her matches.

Overall Offense

Overall offense is directly affected by in-ring time which results in Kazarian's offense per minute being low when compared to Lance Archer. Kazarian had over 24 minutes of ring time (during which he scored and average of 22 offensive points) while Archer had only 6.65 minutes of ring time (with and average of 13 offensive points). Kazarian had six matches while Archer only had three. The only competitors with lower average offense per match were Nyla Rose and Abadon. All three (Rose, Archer, Abadon) were undefeated in the past six weeks on Dark and I really like that Abadon walks with giants in AEW.


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