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AEW Dark: Elevation Mid-Season Summary

We are seven weeks post-Double or Nothing, and seven weeks away from All Out so now is the perfect time to check in with AEW Dark Elevation and see what the stats show us. Workers had to be featured at least twice during the previous seven weeks to be included in the totals. Overall stats look like this:

Now let us look at some specific categories in more detail.


Overall number of strikes can be misleading so I've also shown strikes per minute as a way to make comparisons more fair. One pattern that will become apparent is that the women of AEW figure into the top three spots of several categories. One common complaint of AEW since it's inception has been the women's division. Now it could be argued that I'm seeing women in the top spots because the women have been relegated to the 'B' show (soon to be 'C' show). My counterpoint would be that the women are stand out performers on Elevation and by being able to rise to the top this shows what good performers they are. I think both opinions carry an element of truth to them.

Also of note, Orange Cassidy is in the bottom five of total strikes (7) and is the very bottom of strikes per minute (.86). Just like in season 1, his sloth style can be backed up by hard data and I love it.


This is where overall ring-time can really paint a fuller picture of what a worker is capable of. Nyla Rose only recorded two strikedowns across two matches, yet her total ring-time was only 1min9sec. Opponents of Rose are most likely going to be looking at the lights quickly and hearing the ref count three before they know what's going on (Britt Baker should last longer in her upcoming title defense).


Nyla Rose once again at the top of the rankings as she quickly finishes matches with her Beast Bomb finisher. I do like that Jade Cargill finds herself in the company of giants, and Kris Statlander rounds out the top five.


Reversals per minute didn't show much variance across the performers, but Brian Cage came out on top. Leyla Hirsch, despite only having total ringtime of 4min40sec, grabbed 2nd place. At the very bottom with zero reversals recorded were Nyla Rose and Powerhouse Hobbs. Reversals aren't really necessary when these two can end matches in seconds after a power move.

Total Offense

Total offense is simply scoring each offense move (strike, strikedown, grapple, submission, dive) with 1 point and totaling it up. Nyla Rose again showing how quickly she ends matches by only having to deliver 8 offensive moves, yet this adds up to 7 points of offense per minute in the ring. Tay Conti was second but she had to deliver over five times the offense to get close to Nyla's per minute rate. Thunder Rosa had to deliver over ten times the offense to take the 3rd spot.

Tag Teams

Much like in the spring, the tag team action on Elevation is mostly thrown together teams of local talent. Groups like The Acclaimed, Varsity Blondes, and Pentagon/Kingston had the most matches, but since it was only these three I didn't have much in the way of stats to compare. Hopefully when we get to the full season summary there will be more to look at.

Mid-Season Stand Outs

The numbers tell me that Nyla Rose is the most dominant force on Elevation at this time. She's going into her title shot against Britt Baker with momentum. Special recognition to Jungle Boy and Hikaru Shida for putting in the work as they both tracked over 20minutes of ring-time over the past seven weeks. As for up and coming talent, Julia Hart (4th place in strikes, 3rd in strikedowns, 4th in total offense) really stood out as showing the most potential. At only 19 years of age, her career has a variety of directions it could go in.


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