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AEW Battle of the Belts: In-ring Statistics | Riho vs Britt Baker | Starks/Sydal, Dustin/Guevara

Hello and welcome to a statistics breakdown of all the matches from AEW's first Battle of the Belts show. This show saw three championship matches with the AEW Women's World Championship, the FTW Championship and an interim TNT Championship contested.

Sammy Guevara vs Dustin Rhodes - Interim TNT Championship

- Dustin almost achieved double Guevara's offence and he did in terms of Big Offence.

- Neither man bothered much with submissions with only 9s combined.

- Dustin trebled Sammy's grapple rate.

Matt Sydal vs Ricky Starks - FTW Championship

- Only one strike, one grapple, one dive and 2 strikedowns separated the two men.

- Sydal was far more keen to end things; 6 pins compared to 2.

- Starks confidence shone through via taunts.

Riho vs Dr Britt Baker DMD - AEW Women's World Championship

- Baker more than doubled Riho's strikes, but only achieved 2 more strikedowns.

- Baker also led in terms of grapples and submissions.

- Riho wrestled a remarkably clean match when facing such unsporting opposition.

Thanks you for reading. Let us know in the comments what you make of the statistics from these matches!


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