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40 Taunts!? | AEW Dynamite: 23rd November | In-ring Statistics

The article below will explore The Elite's second match with Death Triangle and Chris Jericho's uniquely bloody war with Tomohiro Ishii.

The Elite Hit Chicago with 40 Taunts:

- Check out the Reversal stats as Death Triangle clung on despite The Elite's onslaught.

- The Elite communicate their explosive dominance via big Strikes.

- Death Triangle stay on point and don't get drawn into The Elite's more showy games.

- The Elite outdo Death Triangle for the vast majority of the match.

- Death Triangle peak the highest despite The Elite's fast start.

- This match started fast and ended similarly with a lull in the middle.

The Elite:

- Upped their striking and strikedown rates.

- Lessened their grapple and dive rates.

Death Triangle:

- Upped their dive and submission rates.

- Lowered their strike and grapple rates.

In comparison to Full Gear, this week's match:

- Had a faster start.

- Peaked at a very similar total rate.

- Saw Death Triangle win after an Elite spike in offence.

- Had a very different overall match structure with more of a mid-match lull.

Additionally, check out the vast volume of strikes in Jericho/Ishii:

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