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166 Strikes! | Samoa Joe vs Minoru Suzuki | AEW Dynamite In-ring Statistics.

Yesterday I was asked for the stats on Joe/Suzuki more than once! Presumably people were stokes to find out just how many times the two brutes hit each other! The answer, 166. Now how significant is this? We are going to have a look at some other similar and/or strangely structured matches to build context.

So, as mentioned Joe and Suzuki hit each other a combined 166 times. Joe was the main aggressor, giving Suzuki exactly what he wanted. However none of Joe's 94 strikes dropped Suzuki to the ground. Suzuki even with 22 less strikes managed to down Joe on three occasions.

Joe's match with Danielson was a slightly more differentiated version of this one. There were less strikes but still loads! Danielson sold more than Joe and was able to knock Suzuki to the ground unlike Joe. Due to the lengths of the matches the pace of striking on Joe/Suzuki is about double that of Danielson/Joe.

Comparing out with AEW,, Dragunov/WALTER maintained a quicker pace than Danielson/Suzuki especially considering they differentiated their offence more extensively. However as you can see, renowned strikers Dragunov and WALTER are well off Suzuki and Joe's pace.

Kenta Kobashi is a renowned striker and is the closest to Joe's momentous strike rate from the Suzuki match. This match is handicapped by being twice as long with it being much harder to achieve Joe and Suzuki's pace. They did also differentiate their offence more and utilised considerable submission time. Fantastically, Kobashi hit Joe with 91 of his 158 strikes in a single scintillating minute of the match.

Hiromu Takahashi vs Ryu Lee was another match where the competitors really faced off in an extensive strike battle. This on slightly turbo charged in the theme of the junior heavyweights. You'll notice the grapples and dives are not shied away from either! Both men got within touching distance of Suzuki's pace but their match time made anything more impossible!

Here is where the strange comes in. Ibushi and Taichi wrestled a whole match based around kicks in the 2020 G1. Again the pace not near Suzuki/Joe as the kicks were left to resonate. In fact Ibushi's match winning combination was the first point of the match where he connected with more than one strike in a row. This match is even more undifferentiated in terms of offence compared to Wednesday's ROH Television Championship match.

Thank you for getting this far. In conclusion and as you most likely surmise by now, Joe and Suzuki threw an unusually numerous amount of strikes in such a short space of time!


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