AEW Wrestling League

   AEW excited the wrestling world by packaging their product as a wrestling league in pre-dynamite advertisings. However not everyone is happy with the end result of AEW's use of statistics. Below you will find the raw data for AEW's matches. The data is presented simply with a +1/-1 ranking system that is clean and effective. Columns are sortable if you wish to see different perspectives and tabs along the bottom filter the data based on division.

   All matches are included in PWM's stats. Unsanctioned matches and Battle Royales count towards our stats, they are all encompassing! Sort Z>A to see different columns sorted. This is updated weekly and available before AEW's rankings!

AEW Wrestling League Standings

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M - Matches competed in || W - Wins || D - Draws || L - Loses || W% - Win Percentage, Percentage of total matches won || Pts - Points, Wins minus Losses || Traffic Light Colours - Last five matches results || Form - Points total from last five matches, Wins minus Losses || Streak - Wins or Losses in a row || AEW Rank - Rankings decided by AEW.