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solucionario ingenieria economica blank tarquin 6ta edicion.rar

A: It looks like the numbers in the PNG files are the "guideline numbers" from the MM3d layout system, which is built into AutoCAD. Open the file in a hex editor and look at the first line. It will look like this: 00000000 19385348 1D041A00 FBAD7F6F 00377412 A0 (this is the first line of your sample PNG file) If you examine the first few lines, you'll see that they are all hex values and the first one is a magic number (ascii 0x19). 0x19 means that the number is an "integer" (not a floating point number) and a 4 byte value (8 hex digits) The magic number is the "guideline number" for the right side of the window. The first digit of each integer means the minimum value the window will accept, the second digit is the maximum value, and the last digit is the number of points for the guideline. 0x19385348 means that the guideline window accepts a maximum value of 20,000 and has a minimum value of 3 and a maximum value of 5,000,000. The value of each guideline point is 5. A PNG file is a sequence of lines, the first line is the header, then the first 16 bytes are the file signature, then the actual pixel data, then the actual file signature, then the end of the file. In your sample file, each line starts with the magic number, then is a hex value 0x001d041a, then a couple of ASCII characters. When you run a hex editor on the file, the ASCII characters are translated into the corresponding bytes, which look like this: 20 48 65 6C 6C 6F //20485652 10 09 00 //10 A0 FBAD7F6F 00377412 A0 //A0FBAD7F6F00377412 2048 - guideline min 0x1D041A0 2048 - guideline max 0x1D041A0 5652 - guideline num per point 0x1D041A0 / 5652 = 0x3F2597412 A0 FBAD7F6F 00377412 A0 A0 - actual pixel data FBAD7F6F

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##BEST## Solucionario Ingenieria Economica Blank Tarquin 6ta Edicion.rar

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