Weekly Update and First Q4 Progress Check

Updated: Oct 9, 2021

Quick Analysis:

There were nearly universal increases in the Combined Metrics among the Top 10 Men and Women. Even Moxley, among the six not winning Dynamite’s Main Event, saw his total slightly climb on the strength of his Ranking Points by being in the Official Top 5 throughout the week.. Top 10 Combined Metrics – Men’s Roster > Updated Following Rampage #9 – October 8, 2021

The single largest change is Hangman Adam Page, the winner of the predictable (see my “Gamblers Anonymous” post) and enjoyable Casino Ladder Match. In under 6 minutes of ringtime, he earned 20 points – including 5 Ranking Points, 3 for winning a Main Event, 3 for winning on Dynamite and 3 for winning a No Disqualification Match; the balance is an increase in Quality Points. Top 10 Combined Metrics – Women’s Roster – Updated Following Rampage #9 – October 8, 2021

*Serena Deeb’s victory over Hikaru Shida means anyone who had previously defeated Shida saw their Quality Points decline (eg. Britt Baker) as, in a mathematical sense, those victories now mean a little less.

Statlander, with wins on both Dark and Elevation, flip-flopped with the idle Thunder Rosa for the second week in a row and saw her total rise the most. Also, as predicted, now with the #1 Singles Official Ranking, Cargill entered the Top 10 and in the process displaced Abadon. Other Notables:

It’s a Champions World this week with the Lucha Brothers seeing the two single largest positive changes following their World Tag Team Championship defense on Rampage over The Acclaimed. Likewise, both Starks and Guevara saw notable increases but a distinction should be noted. Despite being noted on the official AEW Roster Page under the champion’s name, the FTW Championship remains a not officially sanctioned title and, as such, the days of this belt holder are not tracked in the calculation of Championship Points although Title Defenses are rewarded with 5 points. Also, in this particular case, as Starks had previously defeated Brian Cage (to win the title), Quality Points saw no discernible change. Also of note, even with the Living Dead Girl’s having two wins of her own, Abadon was edged out of the Top 10. Deeb is clearly one to watch as well after the submission win over the former longest-reigning Women’s World Champion two nights ago. Skye Blue, with her first win on Dark followed by a loss on Rampage, has began her ascent. Perhaps she will pull off an upset in the upcoming TBS Championship Tournament.

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