Weekly Update, Progress Check and PPV Fallout

A quick note: Blue highlighted fill indicates that the designated wrestler is in the Official AEW Rankings, which since the onset of Rampage in August, have been released twice weekly (with the exception of weeks when Dynamite was pre-empted to Saturday). When someone is ranked in both Singles and Tag, as Jungle Boy is this week, he receives a thicker border frame to distinguish his status.

The week following any AEW PPV is typically a great indication of how the company plans to set the stage although, with the interim between Full Gearwas Revolutionbeing the longest on the calendar, this may prove less predictive than usual. Further, while there is a rarely a “week off” in any national wrestling promotion, it’s clear on the men’s side that most of the Top 10 were not in the ring this week.

The notable exception to the above saw doubly-ranked Jungle Boy passing Jericho in all-time Combined Metrics. He is truly the company workhorse may climb further as the year closes out. Also, 2021 leader Matt Jackson has reached millennium mark, becoming only the third to do so. Depending on how long both Moxley and Omega are out of action, we may see further shakeups as the weeks progress.

It was all Nyla all the time for the first three shows of the week as she finally defeated Hikaru Shida in their third one-on-one matchup. With that said, I still Riho is the one to watch for a Women’s World Championship match prior to the next PPV. For her part, Baker is the first individual to cross the century mark in Q4 Metrics.

Cargill also proved her mettle with a win on Rampageand shows no signs of slowing down. It’s difficult to believe her first loss could come before the conclusion of the TBS Championship Tournament at the earliest.

A logjam is forming for those just outside the Men’s Top 10 before 2021 ends. The appearance of Scorpio Sky in the Singles Rankings may foreshadow a third opportunity at the TNT Championship but I’d rather see him and Ethan Page taking on the Lucha Brothers for the World Tag Team Championship. I’m interpreting the presence of Soho’s two Singles victories, albeit in short non-tournament matches this week as an indication that she will pull the first “upset” by defeating Statlander (who received a bye) and thus setting up a match with the Native Beast. That clash of styles both intrigues but also induces the thought I ma need to watch it with one eye open.

--- Two final notes: i) The format and schedule of the Owen Hart Cup Tournament has yet to be announced. Once it is, decisions will need to be made about how to calculate specific Metrics. I’m open to suggestions here, particularly if it involves some kind of round robin structure. ii) The quarterly TNT specials beginning in 2022 (reportedly to be called Battle for the Belts) will also need to be accounted for. I’m currently planning to value them in the same ways as the two Bleacher Report Live specials in 2019, which were the original Fight for the Fallen in June followed by the inaugural Fyter Fest two weeks later in July. A third B/R–exclusive event took place earlier this year as a part of the Women's World Championship Eliminator Tournament. Again, happy to hear what others think might be the best way to stack up these events in relation to others. Anyone with questions or comments is encouraged to respond here or on Twitter @AEWmetrics.

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