Weekly Update: Nearing the End

A rare full week with no matches for table leader Jungle Boy gave the Young Bucks, and most specifically Matt Jackson, a chance to take back first place… but it was not to be as Superkliq fell to CHAOS on Rampage. Only Cassidy, in the aforementioned match, was victorious among the entire Top 10; however, World Champion Adam Page, even without claiming victory, was able to earn additional Metrics for his Title Defense via a 60-minute Time Limit Draw. As such, he vaulted all the way to the closely packed second half of the Top 10 and will likely overtake an otherwise idle Miro who last we saw was in the middle of a white void if I remember correctly.

In contrast to the men, it’s winners nearly from top to bottom here across both the Singles and Tag Team divisions. Three of the four remaining TBS Championship Tournament competitors were in action with all winning their 1-on-1 matches with relative ease; fans may recall that each of these women were ranked and receive First Round byes whereas the fourth, Ruby Soho, did not. By not being featured this week, it helps avoid overexposure and continues the narrative of her as a dark horse. This is a long way of saying the tournament was effectively paused this week but should gear up again for the Semi Finals likely to take place in the coming days.

For the first time I can remember, the two women’s matches on TV this week had no direct title implications and each was the third time each pair of women matched up. Shida vs Deeb III is definitely worth a re-watch and Tay Conti vs The Bunny at least had a new element with the Submission stipulation.

I'm also family we finally go told when Riho is getting her Women’s World Championship match against Dr. Britt Baker, DMD.

I’m attempting to spotlight a few things with these listings. Wardlow is clearly being heated up as a subplot within the MJF-CM Punk feud and, from a Metrics perspective, has been exactly twice as produc tive as his boss. Trent? returned from injury to score the pin in a hot Opener on Rampage and looks to make up the gap with his Best Friend/CHAOS stablemate Chuckie T. Matt Lee might seem comparatively out of place but he, along with Jeff Parker and Daniel Garcia, were victorious in the Main Event on both Monday and Friday night so this may portend a future move up the card.

We have women going in both directions here as Ford and Deeb lost the featured women’s matches on Wednesday and Friday night respectively. Mizunami shared in a Tag Team victory on Dark with number one contender and fellow countrywoman Riho against Suruga and Sakura, the latter who won a Singles match on Elevation. It all feels a bit like a holding pattern while the aforementioned tournament plays out. Anyone with questions or comments is encouraged to respond here or on Twitter @AEWmetrics.

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