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Wednesday Night Ratings - 05/08/2020

Hello and welcome to what will be a very truncated review of all the ratings from the last week of US TV Wrestling because it's nearly 3am here and I could really do with some sleep.

WWE Smackdown saw a 4% drop in total viewers to a 1.892 million but stuck right around the same level they've been at since the pandemic hit. They also got a 0.5 in P18-49 again, which is right on track with the rest of their shows over the last few months.

WWE Raw increased 6% in total viewers to 1.71 million, and jumped up 8% in P18-49 to a respectable 0.51. In other interesting numbers from Raw, they increased 61% in F12-34 to a 0.24. Say what you want about Shane McMahon but his return clearly pulled the younger female demo in which means he'll be sticking around a while longer.

WWE NXT also had a solid ratings week. They increased 7% to a pretty solid 753,000 viewers, which is almost exactly what they were drawing for the Great American Bash. They also scored a 0.2 in the P18-49 demo which is their joint second best rating since the start of empty arena wrestling. In a week where they got forgotten they had some really promising numbers which means even more Pat McAfee ....

In the big news of the week, AEW Dynamite scored 901k viewers. This was their best rating by far and coupled with a 0.36 in P18-49 set this as AEW's best week since empty arena shows started. But it's in the finer demos that the real story becomes clear. They actually managed to beat Raw in P18-34 (0.29 to 0.28) overall, and compared to the third hour their numbers are even more impressive. With a clear win in F12-34 (0.21 to 0.2), the gap gets ever closer. These are close enough to be within the error margins at Nielson but I do think we're approaching a time when Dynamite can start winning these demos with a clear margin.

Anyway, thanks for reading, here's all of the data


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