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I assure you I am not the world’s biggest Frank the Tank fan but one of the most simple and easy-to-track statistics AEW has presented in two-plus years has been winning and losing streaks. To avoid any further confusion, a streak is “a continuous period of specified success or luck”. In the context of professional wrestling, winning or losing many matches in a row can simultaneously be used to help justify a heel turn, send somebody down the card or establish a character on the way up. Even with longer-term booking than most present-day fans are used to, I’m not suggesting Tony Khan has worked out all the machinations years ahead of time but this article aims to take a deeper look on what has occurred thus far and observe if these streaks have any predictive power. When it comes to the single longest winning and losing streaks in the company across all divisions and roles, neither are we approaching Goldberg territory or the rarified error of Curt Hawkins (or even Kenta Kobashi for the All Japan crowd.) In fact, it comes from a surprising source… Negative One! (listed on the AEW Rose Page as Mr. Brodie Lee Jr.)

You’d be forgiven for not recognizing this but, until the 16-man tag Tag on last week’s Dynamite, all on Negative One’s, ahem, managerial efforts were featured on Dark and Elevation. Silliness aside, the fact remains, this nine-year-old is a perfect 30-0! No other valet/coach/manager has accrued such a streak; the closest is Tully Blanchard who rattled off 22 straight victories from June 2020-January 2021 in matches mostly featuring Shawn Spears and FTR during their run as Tag Team Champions. Lest we forget, Blanchard was barred from ringside when the Young Bucks dethroned the former Revival for the belts at Full Gear 2020. Looking at the other side of the ledger, Leva Bates had a 26-match losing streak while ringside for Peter Avalon while he toiled with and later against Brandon Cutler. Onto more serious matters….

Men’s Singles

Current Best Streak: Lance Archer W14 > As the Murderhawk Monster likes to remind us, “Everybody dies.” To date, the same has sadly been true for Archer himself in nearly all his biggest moments thus far in AEW. His current streak of 14 wins includes his IWGP US Title victory over Jon Moxley in the Texas Death Match at Fyter Fest 2021. This could have and arguably should have been the beginning of more meaningful and featured matches on the main shows. A token title defense against a debuting Hikuleo the following week laid character groundwork that, in hindsight, has gone next to nowhere. Archer then lost the title to Hiroshi Tananashi in Los Angeles at Resurgence and hasn’t competed on Dynamite since. In fact, taking the title matches out of the equation, his streak leaves 12 matches that total 20:27 or 1:42 per outing.

It’s nearly a year to the date of Archer’s lone World Title match, earned not by a string of memorable victories over ranked opponents, but by winning the 2020 Casino Battle Royale. Moreover, until the most recent update on October 1, Archer hadn’t been in the Official Top 5 since November 2020. Perhaps the fact he has 23 Singles wins in 2021, 5 more than his nearest competitor, was finally noticed but don’t expect his presence there to live forever. All-time Best Streak: Jon Moxley W25 All-time Worst Streak: Fuego Del Sol L25

Women’s Singles

Current Best Streak: Jade Cargill W15

> The inspiration for this article was the booking of the three-way match from the most recent episode of Rampage that saw Jade Cargill pin Thunder Rosa in a match also featuring Nyla Rose. Heading into the match, Rosa had not lost in 25 matches while Jade had not lost in her last 14 matches; the added force that is the Native Beast seemed in my view destined to take the fall but it was not to be. The immediate aftermath of this suggests Cargill will keep winning until taking first loss against the DMD. This would be the next in a line of a pattern in which a challenger is heated up until her title match and then de-emphasized soon afterward. (See both Statlander and Velvet vs Britt Baker and each of Conti, Mizunami and Abadon vs Shida.)

This is part of a larger problem with the AEW Women’s Division in general, what I view as a missing middle class. Looking at All-time Singles Records (10-match minimum), only 2 wrestlers (Diamanté at 14-11 and Julia Hart at 7-8) have winning percentages (W%) between .400 and .600. For comparison, there are 5 women who are winless and have 10 or moss losses and 18 women with W% above .600. Perhaps the rumoured TBS Title, a second championship for women, could address this disparity.

For her part, I see Rosa dropping down, perhaps even losing another match, before climbing her way back through the ranks and books another dental appointment, this time defeating Baker when it counts and for the championship.

Men’s Tag

Current Best Streak: Lucha Brothers (Penta El Zero Miedo & Rey Fénix) W12 > The AEW and AAA World Tag Team Champions hold the clubhouse lead with a dozen consecutive wins in 2-on-2 competition dating back more than a full calendar year. However, that belies that fact that during this time each Lucha Brother had a separate injury, and then competed with another partner (Penta with Eddie Kingston and Rey with PAC) in failed championship-pursuing efforts vs The Young Bucks. Only when the Bros from Mexico City reunited were they able to dethrone the longest-reigning champions Matt and Nick Jackson.

With only a single title defense to date, the Lucha Brothers should expect to approach the company record. On the horizon may be battles with Gunn Club, who at 8-0 have entered the Official Top 5 without facing any significant competition, and perhaps more excitedly, recent 8-man Tag teammates Proud-N-Powerful, Santana & Ortiz, who have an ongoing streak of 5 Wins of their own.

All-time Best Streak: Jurassic Express (Jungle Boy & Luchasaurus) W16

All-time Worst Streak: The Initiative (Brandon Cutler & Peter Avalon) L12

The Verdict

In summary, streaks are but a singular indicator among many variables of a wrestler or team to watch for in the weeks and months ahead. However, whether it be going through the Forbidden Door to drop a title, being a part of a crowded division with many records that look great on paper or navigating an injury-filled year both with and without your high-flying brother, putting too much stock in AEW streaks would lead to, well, streaky results.

Anyone with questions or comments is encouraged to respond here or on Twitter @AEWmetrics.

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