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The Wrestling Ratings Leaderboard 15/08/2020

Welcome back to the wrestling ratings leaderboard. Slightly weird week today as NXT didn't chart so there are no detailed numbers for any of the specific demographics. This also means the Wednesday Night Ratings were low estimates (as only AEW's numbers were included) so they're not on the leaderboard this week in a lot of the demos.

Smackdown set out a dominant lead across the board, they handily won every demo they're measured in, with the only slight competition coming from the Wednesday Night number in P18-49 (0.48 to a 0.5). As the show is on Fox and building to Summerslam in 2 weeks this is good news for WWE.

Up next is Raw, who beat AEW across the board this week, and weren't even really challenged. The 2 closest numbers were P18-34 and F12-34 but there was still a 0.04 difference each way. Again this is the road to SummerSlam so another good week is good news. It also shows that they managed to hold onto the bump from introducing Shane McMahon and the Raw Underground.

AEW doubled NXT in P18-49 and beat them comfortably in total viewers, these are 2 great numbers and show that they probably beat them in the other younger demos, but as mentioned these aren't tracked


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