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The Wednesday Night Ratings - 22/10/2020

Hello and welcome back to the most comprehensive ratings discussion on the internet. This week was not a major show for any of the brands, except for possibly Raw and Smackdown's first show since the Draft, but how did this quiet week affect the ratings, well here we are to find out.

AEW had a slightly down week, disappointing for a hyped first round of the World Title Tournament, they dropped 8.8% in P2+ (826k to 753k) but held even in P18-49 at a 0.3, good for a 13th place finish. These aren't fantastic numbers, especially for the return of Kenny and The Young Bucks to in-ring action, but 13th place is nothing to be sniffed at.

Speaking of the charts, this is another week NXT failed to make them, with a 56th place finish. This is the third consecutive week that NXT failed to hit the Top 50, and honestly if they don't reach it for Halloween Havoc next week then I think it's going to be a long time until they get back in, with the news set to only do stronger and stronger as we approach the US election. They scored a 0.16 in P18-49 (down 5.9%), and 644k overall (down 1.9%). Not good numbers, and I think the might have also bottomed out on Wednesday nights.

Raw and Smackdown both had their regular unnewsworthy weeks, it is becoming more and more apparent that the ratings have bottomed out, at least for now, and there will just be a small ratings swing each week. In P2+ Raw dropped 4.2% (1.835m to 1.776m) and Smackdown actually rose 1.8% (2.087m to 2.124m). The P18-49 had a similar theme, with Raw dropping 9.4% (0.57 to 0.52) and Smackdown staying at their regular 0.6. Look I do try to have some interesting takes on these ratings but it's so apparent that WWE isn't going anywhere that there just aren't any actual takes


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