Stars in Stripes: Referees Check

In honour of Bryce Remsburg’s accomplishment of officiating his 100th AEW Main Event, I thought it might be appropriate to honour the men and women who have donned the stripes for the 2,386 All Elite Wrestling matches to date.

Unlike in current vintage WWE, referees are named and a part of the talent roster. From the beginning, a core group of four has existed and taken on the bulk of the workload of prominent matches: Aubrey Edwards, Paul Turner, Bryce Remsburg and Rick Knox. A fifth, Mike Posey, has done most of the remainder with only Frank Gastineau (who is back out on the independent scene!) also crossing the century mark.

A brief rundown of the other names: - 35-plus year veteran Tommy Ran officiated all the Women's World Championship Eliminator Tournament matches that took place in Japan. - Paul Espinal, the most recent addition to this list, has also been seen on The Nightmare Factory Showcases on YouTube. - Mike Chioda and Earl Hebner, prominent former WWE referees, have each appeared 4 times, mostly around Cody Rhodes’ matches and feuds - Brian Hebner, Earl’s son, has officiated all three IMPACT Wrestling championship matches that have counted in AEW match totals - Arn Anderson’s lone outing was in the Exhibition Match (and didn’t count in the Win-Loss Records) featuring Cody vs QT Marshall in on Dynamite #78 in March; the less said about that, the better.

So that’s answers the “Who?” of it all, but of course we can and will look deeper. That’s what Metrics are for. As for the “What?”, this is where we can start to see that certain referees gravitate toward or routinely assigned the same type of match rather frequently. Consider the following:

A few things stand out to me as outliers in what is an otherwise fairly even distribution:

- Edwards has worked a lot of matches as she is among the leaders in all categories. Considering her other duties with AEW Games and the Unrestricted Podcast and the long cross-country flights, I genuinely wonder if she gets enough sleep. - Statistically, Turner officiates fare fewer Trios and Multi (8-Man, 10-Man Tags, etc.) and the most Women’s matches across all divisions. - Aside from the disparity in Men’s Singles, Knox and Remsburg have remarkably similar totals.

Another Metric that I track for the Referees, just like the wrestlers, is the individual match decisions that factor into the result. For added context, Gimmick refers to matches that end according to a specific stipulation such as Ladder, Table, or getting thrown in vat of mimosa (ie. Mimosa Mayhem)

Onto the “When”, or rather, which programs the matches take place on:

Here is where we can observe how Posey stands alone almost in a category unto himself. Further, and perhaps not surprisingly so, it’s a remarkably even distribution.

I also track other details including Match Times (Edwards has over 73 hours), No Disqualification(Remsburg leads with 23), Tournament matches, Championship matches (Turner has the most with 39). Unofficial matches, such as Lights-Out, are also tracked but not part of the above totals.

I could go on but I think that might just be enough.

Anyone with questions or comments is encouraged to respond here or on Twitter @AEWmetrics.

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