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Stardom Wrestler's Best Month

A wrestler has their ups and downs during the years they are reaching to achieve glory. I decided to take a look at which parts of the year that Stardom wrestlers tends to get the most amount of wins.

Since this data is from early 2020, there are a number of wrestlers who are either retired or no longer with us. I have chosen to include them still as their contributions to Stardom deserve to be remembered.

The original video this article is covering was published on February 15th, 2020.


Here you can see a list of signed wrestlers that were with Stardom in the early part of 2020. This shows how many matches they were on the winning side of throughout the year across their career in Stardom. The yellow highlight indicates their highest winning month, when a tie happens, both are highlighted.


In this image you see the same graph but with each wrestlers months throughout the year color coded. With a gradient from green to red, with green being the highest amount of wins and red being their lowest amount.

While this does make things a little more clear, it also is a huge mess with everything seeming to blend together, so lets divide these up between factions.



Here we have STARS members insolated from the rest so we can get a more clear look at their best matches. As you can see, most STARS members tend to do their best in the middle of the year and towards the end.

  • Mayu Iwatani, the leader of STARS has her best runs around April and September. Which is explainable by the fact that two of Stardom's biggest tournaments are held in April and a combination of August and September. Mayu has won the Cinderella tournament twice in her career, and she usually does very well in the 5 Star Grand Prix.

  • Tam Nakano, who to many is STARS second in command, is mostly successful towards the end of the year, peaking during September and slowly fizzling out until hitting a low point around February.

  • At the time, Arisa Hoshiki was the Wonder of Stardom Champion and won the Cinderella tournament during her time in her return to Stardom. This explains why she has a lot of wins towards the end and beginning of the year. Having your champions pull off big wins at big shows around the major holidays.

So taking into account the collective of STARS, you can see that the faction tends to be more dominant in the middle of the year and towards the end, when having your faces go over makes the most sense.



Oedo Tai at the time was very small, as both Kagetsu and Hazuki retired, and a number of their regular members arent signed to the promotion, like Martina and Natsu Sumire.

The common theme across the three members is that they tend to do well towards the later part of the year until December where most drop off hard, only to bounce back in January just to fall off again. The main reason for this is most likely because they need the heels to get a series of wins to build the feud so that the faces can over come them at the large shows.

  • Saki Kashima wasn't always in Oedo Tai, just like the other two, so a majority of their wins come from being in different teams. Saki was never a major player in her groups, just like now. Being cast more as a spoiler, her wins in September makes sense, as she would be one of the few upsets during the 5 Star.

  • Natsuko Tora has always played second fiddle to whoever she was teaming with, and the majority of her career that was Jungle Kyona. It means that most of her success during her career was because she was teaming with Jungle.

  • Bea Priestley's chart is very interesting, because her best months were in October and November, which is during the Tag League Tournament. Bea has been very protected during her run in Stardom, and where she is the most dominate tends to be during the tag league each year.



Tokyo Cyber Squad or TCS for short, is no longer a faction in Stardom. Getting disbanded after Konami betrayed Jungle in a match of Loser Disbands. A lot like Oedo Tai, TCS is made up of a bunch of wrestlers that were previously in other factions. The problem with that is that where they were before TCS doesn't accurately portray how they are being used now that they are in TCS. If you look at the chart, the only consistent part is that all the members tend to win the least from February to March.

  • Hana Kimura, the leader and founder of TCS, has a very consistent spread. Really only falling short in July. Her best months being from April to June and from August to November. Having been tag champion before and winning the 5 Star once, it explains why her later part of the year in mostly green.

  • Jungle Kyona mostly shines after large events or right before, just to lose out when the tournaments comes around. Having always been a face, and arguably the promotions baby face, she would realistically be high on wins around Christmas, for those feel good moments.

  • Konami is pretty much the same as Jungle, does pretty well for herself outside of the tournaments, but then isn't able to get the big win at the end. She seems to be utilized the most in January, most likely because she can put on a really well done match for the special shows.



Ending with Queen's Quest, the faction that has always had the lowest average age compared to other factions. As you can see, they do absolutely horribly in the middle of the year, instead being the most utilized in the end and beginning of the year. Now this chart is a bit more misleading then the others, and the reason is because most of the QQ members have a ton of wins in January. Which means the other months are so low in comparison that their color in closer to red then green, even though they are still high.

  • AZM, pronounced Azumi, is one of the most experienced wrestlers in Stardom, even at the young age of 17 at the time, now 18. She wins the most in the beginning of the year, before any of the tournaments are around. Having 21 wins in January, but if you look across the entire year she actually hold pretty steady, just doesn't look it because she has so many wins in the first month.

  • Momo Watanabe is the leader of QQ, and one of the original founding members. A lot like AZM, she also holds very steady throughout the year, getting decent amount of wins in each month. The darker green in November can be explained by her winning the tag league with Utami Hayashishita in 2018.

  • Saya Kamitani was very new at this point, so as you can see, a lot of her chart is deep red, as she didn't even have a whole year at this point.

  • Utami Hayshishita, the super rookie of QQ, is exactly like Momo and AZM. She does very well in January, and towards the end of the year she tends to get a bit more wins then the rest of the year. The two zeros during April and May are actually very coincidental, as she had no matches during those two month up till this year,


I feel that when you look at any promotion, you most likely will find some patterns amongst wrestlers, and that's why I originally did the video in the first place. I, like many others, like to understand more then just what is on the surface level.

Questions like, why does Queen's Quest have so many wins in January, compared to the rest of the promotion and other factions. What about Queen's Quest as a faction, makes them the go to winners for the new years?

When you look at the data, sometimes, the story can become more complicated instead of explained. Regardless if the outcome answers whatever question I originally sought after, in the end, there is always an answer.


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