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Stardom Entrance Order Win Percentages

In wrestling, one of the best things about each match is the wrestlers entrance. It is always layered with their personality, and even if it's only a bit, each entrance has a unique flair. One thing that I wondered about was, if maybe entrance order could determine the outcome of the match in a persistent way.

So I took every Stardom produced show of 2020, from January to November, I charted which wrestlers came out from 1st to 5th and figured out their win percentage based on each number. So let's take a look at how everyone did.





Stars are Stardom's designated face faction. Usually coming out second, their amount of matches from the 1st position is very limited in comparison to 2nd. Any 100 percent you see in this article is because they only had one or two matched prom that position, so it's not actually impressive.

The most interesting part of Stars outcome was to see that Mayu Iwatani almost exclusively comes out second. This tends to add evidence that the more important you are in the promotion the later you come out. Unfortunately I don't believe that is always true, I just think they prefer to have their faces come out second.

Starlight Kid also has an interesting climb from first to fourth. Almost doubling in percentage every next time. Just like Mayu, she comes out second more often then not, so it isn't a case of her having a lesser pool to pull from. Even though it's higher then first, it's still below a 50% win percentage.

For the majority of the faction they actually lose more than they win, which is both a surprise and also expected. We found out in my Most Dominate Faction videos, that STARS has so many members, that they actually end up losing more then winning because of members like Saya Iida, Ruaka, Hanan, and so on. Even though they have Mayu and Starlight Kid, those lesser members really make them lose a lot.



So I know what you're thinking, why is Cosmic Angels a separate category from STARS? It's because I'm jumping the gun and saying that they will split from STARS. Even if they don't, their graph would be too large, so it makes sense to have a separate one just for them.

Since up until very recently Tam has been a part of STARS, her win percentage reflects that. Even though Cosmic Angels has been on a dominate win streak, her win percentage for both places she has come out is below 50%.

Unagi doesn't have nearly enough data to consider an accurate representation. At the time that the data was collected, she had not been on the losing side of a single match but it was only 6 matches.

Mina on the other hand has had a couple more matches than Unagi, so her's is a little more reliable but not by much more. She tends to lose often when not teaming with her Cosmic Angel faction members.


Queen's Quest

Queen's Quest is an interesting faction, because they are for the most part, portrayed pretty dominate, but then you look at the stats and they just don't reflect the aura. With that said, they are clearly doing better then STARS, as AZM and Utami are both above a 50% win rate, with AZM actually averaging around 60. Even their weak link Hina is actually not doing to bad for herself. She is performing better then a number of STARS weak links.

Saya Kamitani losing around 25% of the time coming out second is pretty mind boggling since she is the Tag Team Champion. The champions always come out second, so every time they defend they get a win for second.

Momo Watanabe is an odd one as she is bother excelling and falling short depending on the order she comes out. Her first place order is actually pretty good for a non belt holder, and it's good to see that she isn't in some terrible spot.


Non Affiliated

The unaffiliated. The two wrestlers who have yet to commit to a single faction. Lady C and Riho. Lady C you can pretty much ignore, as she has only had a couple matches at this point and has lost all of them. She is Stardom's newest rookie and it reflects in her stats.

Riho on the other hand is an enigma in Stardom, as she is bound by outside forces. Being signed to AEW, Stardom is not in full control of her outcomes in Stardom's ring. While that is partly speculation, the data shows that I am right. Having been in Stardom over a year and having zero personal loses, it's hard not to assume AEW has some say in if she can be pinned.

With that said, she does tend to team with the lower ranks of Stardom and so she is on the losing side fairly often. With only coming out second being slightly over 50%.


Donna Del Mondo

Stardom's most dominate faction, Donna Del Mondo. As you can see from the graph, they absolutely eclipse every other faction so far. With their lowest member number wise, Himeka, being on par with other factions highest ranking members.

From left to right it doesn't matter, there isn't a single weak link on this group. Doesn't matter what order they come out in, they are most likely going to win. The most impressive ones being Giulia and Syuri, as they either have a ton of matches or have fought some very impressive people in Stardom since their debut in Stardom so their wins were harder.

Unfortunately with a team like this, being so dominate, there isn't much to say. They come out to the ring and win, regardless of their entrance order. When not a single person in your faction has a below 50% win rate in any entrance order, then you are dominating the game.


Oedo Tai

Last but not least, we have Stardom's heel faction, Oedo Tai. As you can see from their graph, they are absolutely all over the place. The only consistent one is Saki Kashima and Konami, and since they were in other factions before this one is makes sense.

Natsuko Tora absolutely decimates when she comes out second, but is unpredictable when coming out first. The reason for that is that she has only come out second four times this year. While that seems odd, it really isn't. Natsuko's Oedo Tai has been coming out almost exclusively first since she took over. I'm not sure why though, as they don't really take advantage of being out their first. It made sense with Kagetsu's Oedo Tai since they had a dance number and it makes sense to not have the other faction out there while doing it. There doesn't seem to be an obvious reason as to why Oedo Tai always comes out first.

Saki's stats reflect her status of being a spoiler in Stardom. Like Gokigen Death, she is able to pin about anybody in Stardom, but is regularly beat by others all the same. Bea Priestley has very little data from this year so unlike her teammates, her graph is highly unreliable.

Konami was a part of Tokyo Cyber Squad before joining Oedo Tai and they were fairly competent in the ring before disbanding. So that explains why her win percentage is pretty high and consistent in comparison to the others.

Rina is a weird one, because she has actually been winning more since joining Oedo Tai, even though she is their weak link. She was also in Tokyo Cyber Squad before this just like Konami, so her stats don't reflect the Oedo Tai treatment.


So there you have it, every member of Stardom and how well they do depending on the order they come out to the ring. After hours of research and time spent, I think the only thing we can really correlate out of this, is that entrance order doesn't really matter.

Title matches always have the champion come out second or last depending on the type of match. So a long reign will skew a wrestlers stats for coming out second. On the flip side, a wrestler who is used to pad others reigns like Jungle Kyona and Tam Nakano will also skew their stats.

While this data is interesting, I believe that to truly find a connection between entrance order and win rate you have to take into consideration match type. Wrestlers like Tam Nakano would probably see her stats fall hard when considering only singles matches. While wrestlers like Giulia would see her numbers skyrocket. Entrance order, at least in Stardom, doesn't seem to be all that important.


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