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Updated: Apr 3

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--- It may be hard to believe but we are already three months into 2022. As such, it seemed appropriate to check in with my weekly bi-weekly monthly quarterly update.

As seen below, and predictably so, the results across both the Men's and Women's Rosters have continued to highlight those who have held the various titles and been consistently in the Official Weekly Rankings so far this year. If history serves as any kind of predictor, we can expect this to even out throughout the course of the year.

Divisional Leaders

> As the only champion to have carried his/her title for the entire calendar, the Men's Singles Division is appropriately enough led by World Champion Adam Page. He has made 4 title defenses against mostly strong competition but, in my view, is still seeking that reign-defining victory, which I think can only come against one of the three who preceded him; the problem therein is that Jericho is too busy "sports entertaining", Moxley is preoccupied with beating up/recruiting the next generation and Omega is not fit to compete. As for the Men's Tag Division, clearly World Tag Team Champions Jurassic Express have reigned supremely since winning the titles on the first Dynamite of 2022. They have made 5 title defenses in this time against with the most notable coming in the 3-way match at Revolution. On paper, this sounds like a dominating run but I'd like to see the 2-on-2 against some higher-end opponents in the weeks and months to come. The Men's Trios Division has the most intrigue in my view as the groundwork for accompanying championship titles seems to be have been laid in earnest. Adam Cole & reDRagon top the table for the time being and I think we can expect them to continue their domination until Kenny Omega returns to reunite with The Young Bucks to set up The Elite vs Paragon feud.

On the Multi (4-on-4, 5-on-5, etc.) front, clearly the small sample size allows for a single match to lead the pack. The recent Tornado Eight-Man Tag featuring Darby, Sting & The Hardys against the Andrade Family Office was memorable for its action outside the ring as well as a unique Double Pin finish. Quality Points came into to play as the quartet of Private Party, The Butcher & The Blade have previously earned multiple victories as a collective unit. Looking ahead, this division may garner more interest with the Jericho Appreciation Society and Blackpool Combat Club seemingly destined to be on a collision course; I just hope it's not rushed.

Men's 2022 Overall Top 10

Obviously a lot of names repeat here so I'll use this to highlight a few not yet mentioned. Dante Martin has acquitted himself quite well and shown a lot of promise with his year-long journey as a mostly Singles act. With older brother Darius now back in the fold, look for Top Flight to make waves in the second half of the calendar year. FTW Champion Ricky Starks has been something of an unsung here in the first 90 days of 2022 without a proper feud of his own. That seems to be primed to change with Team Taz lining up against Keith Lee and Swerve Strickland. --- Divisional Leaders

> Being undefeated clearly has its perks and TBS Champion Jade Cargill demonstrates this better than anyone. Within that is five title defenses and ever increasing Quality Points; I wouldn't be shocked and she might go wire to wire and lead the for the full calendar year. Not to be outdone, recently crowned Women's World Champion Thunder Rosa is holding firmly next in line. It will difficult for her to catch Cargill although in a recent interview, she stated a desire to defend the title internationally, notably in Japan and Mexico. Barring injury, I can't see a downside.

I think the Women's Tag Division has yet to reach a point at which championships have become imperative as, to be direct, there are no true full-time tag teams on the active roster. Nevertheless, 2-on-2 matchups remain a vehicle to combine feuds and strengthen alliances. That being said, I wouldn't mind if the recent success of Anna Jay and Ruby Soho is headed towards a messy ending. The general absence of all-women factions in AEW make Women's Trios a means to an end, namely getting a larger quantity of wrestlers featured on a card. Perhaps this will change in the long term but for now

Women's 2022 Overall Top 1

> In addition to those already mentioned, Leyla Hirsch has had an up and down first quarter trading wins with Red Velvet. Personally, I hope to see the return of Serena Deeb and her 'Five Minute Challenge' in the near future; perhaps this could feed into her feud with the returning Hikaru Shida. Perhaps the longest-reigning Women's World Champion brings in a student that the Professor promptly destroys, leading to more 1-on-1 bouts; currently the series is even at 2-2 and I know I'm not alone if his turns into a full Best of Seven. Nyla Rose, if possible, lurks in the background as Rosa's presumptive first challenger (just as she was for Shida and Baker) and while I've seen a renewed energy from both her and fellow Vicious Vixen Vickie Guerrero, I foresee the Native Beast to go down in defeat before slipping down the card once again. --- Overall, as a promotion, AEW has clearly hit the ground running in 2022 with the full slate of four shows each week in addition to the requisite Buy-In prior to Revolution PPV; there was even a Dark Special airing on a Thursday for those who can't get enough content.

In the next few weeks, Battle of the Belts II will be taped and then it's full speed ahead onto Double or Nothing. I'll do my best to provide a pre-PPV update in the week leading up. Until then, look for a few special articles celebrating a particular milestone. As always, anyone with questions or comments is encouraged to contact me on Twitter @AEWmetrics.

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