Post Pay Per View Weekly Update, Progress Check and Cruising

A quick note:

The decision that the Chris Jericho's Rock N Wrestling Rager at Sea: Triple Whammy shifted from not being “an official AEW event” to having its four nights and 34 matches all count in the Win-Loss Records caused some, unexpected shakeups. I will follow up on this in a midweek column before the end of the month.

The more things change, the more they stay the same. While there the rankings have remained stagnant, we have a new World Champion in the form of “Hangman” Adam Page, officially ushering in the Cowboy Shit Era. (Note that Omega remains highlighted as he is recognized as AAA Mega Champion.)

Further, on the strength of his victory in the Minneapolis Street Fight, Jericho has brought his Q4 change back into the positive side of the ledger. Even so, Jungle Boy might catch him before the year is out, all the more impressive when you realize he is the only one in the Top 10 who has yet to wear championship gold. Instead, his Combined Metrics continue to come from his absolute workhorse mentality. The Falls Count Anywhere Trios match was his 100th AEW match that went to a decision and was his first PPV victory, giving him a Career Recordof 65-34-1. He's also wrestled in 8 Battle Royals, winning 2.

The tale of the top third of the table is not if but when Women’s World Champion Britt Baker will be able to pass the Native Beast for 2nd all-time. Also, despite the tease of a losing Streak, expect Shida to be the first to crest to the millennium mark before the calendar resets.

The middle third is wear the action is as not only are competitors jockeying for position in the TBS Championship Tournament but Riho is making noise again and might be a great next television challenger for everyone’s favourite dentist.

The entertaining and emotional defense of the World Tag Team Championship over FTR this week has propelled each of the Lucha Brothers closer to the Top 10 than ever before. Looking ahead, Guevara will look to hold onto his TNT Championship this upcoming week against the debuting Jay Lethal whereas Eliminator Tournament winner Danielson continues to make strong strides in a relatively short time although it remains to be seen when he will receive his World Championship match.

We also need to talk about Gunn Club, but this is not the time. Soon, though. The increase of Women’s Trios matches is proving a double-edged sword. It gets more women, including veterans Mizunami and Sakura weekly matches, but these feel more than a little disjointed and of little long term consequence.

A final note: Thanks to all those who participated in my most recent edition of #AEWTrivia on Twitter. The response was even better than the last time. Anyone with questions or comments is encouraged to respond here or on Twitter @AEWmetrics.

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