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NXT vs Dynamite

Comparing Kenny Omega vs Pac and Tommaso Ciampa vs Finn Balor

In my brand new series NXT vs Dynamite, we look at the differences between feature matches on Dynamite and NXT. This week we are comparing Kenny Omega vs Pac on AEW Dynamite with Tommaso Ciampa vs Finn Balor on WWE NXT.

Dynamite's Omega/Pac was slightly longer and more action packed than NXT's Ciampa/Balor. The match was high-paced from the beginning and had a higher amount of back and forth action and high-rise dives.

NXT's offering was harder hitting with more grapples and striking resulting in knockdowns. It however relied more on grinding submissions to build heel-heat. This match almost doubling AEW's offering for submission time. Interestingly it did use showmanship to further build the audience involvement.

In conclusion, this week AEW went with a fast paced high octane feature match whereas NXT's main event engaged the crowd more and was more methodical.


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