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Next Week in Wrestling | 2nd - 8th of January 2023

This is an absolute insane week of wrestling. You are probably well aware of some events taking place, but some are really hidden in the shadow of the bigger ones.

Recommendation of the Week: Will Ospreay vs Kenny Omega

Could it really have been anything else? The 2 greatest wrestlers of this era, face off in a mind blowing dream match. It happened only once before in PWG in 2015, where Kenny came out victorious.

After Kenny left New Japan Pro Wrestling, Will Ospreay stepped up to be the next gaijin superstar in the promotion. He has yet to win the IWGP Heavyweight Championship, instead he made the US Title feel like the most prestigeous title in New Japan.

No matter what match comes last, this is the true main event.


After last years disappointing iteration of New Japan's biggest event, they made the decision to only hold 1 major Wrestle Kingdom night in the first week of January. And the card looks absolutely beautiful, because of it!

You have the possiblity of the debut of Mercedes Varnado (fka Sasha Banks) in the amazing matchup between KAIRI and Tam Nakano for the IWGP Womens Title, the "main event" between Jay White and Kazuchika Okada and many more lovely matches.


With the new year, AEW decided to spice up its production and launch a new era of AEW. Dynamite looks to be promising this week with Darby Allin getting another match for the TNT Title against Samoa Joe, The Acclaimed defending their titles against Jeff Jarrett and Jay Lethal and Chris Jericho facing off against the rising Star Ricky Starks.


A few hours before Wrestle Kingdom, TJPW hold a huge event as well, with the Princess of Princess Champion Yuka Sakazaki defending her title versus Miyu Yamashita. There is also an import from the US again with Trish Adora challenging Miu Watanabe.


A regular week for Stamford promotion. Alexa Bliss is the next challenger for Bianca Belair on Raw as well as Seth Rollins getting a shot at Austin Theory and his US Title. The Usos will defend their tag titles against Drew McIntyre and Sheamus


Another Tournament will be launched in Stardom, this being a Trios Tournament. Three events will already take place next week with Tournament matches on those cards, but the third one actually includes other matches as well, like the Wonder of Stardom Champion Saya Kamitani facing off with Ami Sourei and to repeat a classic from last year AZM will battle Starlight Kid for the High Speed Title.


The Battle of Los Angeles is upon us again. The field includes El Hijo del Vikingo, Mike Bailey, Konosuke Takeshita, Michael Oku, Daniel Garcia and so many more. You will unfortunately have to wait to see this for an eternity.


To kickstart the year, DDT gives us quite a lot of content. The most intruiging thing coming up, is another taste of the crazy mind of Atsushi Onita - the "New Year Air Time Bomb & Electric Blast Bat Deathmatch" for more information


Dragongate and MJW have worked on this Supercard, and it looks really good. YAMATO will challenge Alex Hammerstone for the MLW World Title, Jacob Fatu and Ben-K face off and Lance Archer makes an appearance in a tag match.


AJPW start into the year hot with Atsuki Aoyagi battling against Hikaru Sato and Minoru Suzuki making an appearance to team up with Naruki Doi against Shuji Ishikawa & Hokuto Omori.


The Deathmatch Promotion Freedoms continues to thrive with Jun Kasai taking on Masashi Takeda and the ERE duo of Violento Jack and the Deathmatch Champion Drew Parker facing off with Rina Yamashita and Jun Masaoka.


WCPW, One of the best indies currently is holding "Can you work fridays?" and the most interesting bout in my opinion on that card is Alex Shelley vs the young sensation Nick Wayne.


After capturing the wXw Unified World Title Levaniel has a rematch against Tristan Archer. This is likely just the first buffer defence for Levaniel, to set up his next challenger down the line. With the 16 Carat Gold coming up, Metehan and Bobby Gunns battle in a Qualification match.


So. Much. Wrestling.

I hope I could help you to discover something new, or bring you joy someway. This is a great week for us.

Enjoy it!

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