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NEW Wrestling with Statistics Podcast: Episode 15! The World of Stardom w/ Special Guest Dan!

WRESTLING WITH STATISTICS - Ep. 15: AEW Cody vs Warhorse, Total Ring Time vs Offense Per Hour

Welcome to Wrestling with Statistics, hosted by Hit the Books' Ryan Neitzey and Pro Wrestling Musing's Craig Leask, where they cover professional wrestling through the unique perspective of statistics and analytics.

On today's show, Craig brings on special guest Dan and they take the deep dive into the world of Stardom. They break down Craig's second Stardom match he's ever seen, who could win the 5 Star Grand Prix and try to find comparisons of Stardom wrestlers to those from NJPW!

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WATCH THE SHOW HERE!!! Perfect way to both listen and follow along with the graphs!


00:00 - Intro

17:11 - Iwatani vs Guilia Match Breakdown

37:31 - Who could win the Stardom 5 Star Grand Prix

51:24 - Outro

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