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Match Stats - WWE NXT 27.11.19 - Bullet Point Bulletin

Tommaso Ciampa vs Finn Balor

- This was not Ciampa's finest performance.

- Ciampa was only starting to build momentum when Adam Cole interfered.

- Balor out-did Ciampa in every offensive category except grappling.

- There's an argument Ciampa was over-confident after his weekend exploits, note taunts.

- Ciampa's offensive total was only 3/4s of Balors. 27 in comparison to 36.

- There's a clear momentum shift from Balor to Ciampa in the final third of the match.

- This switch illustrates how costly Cole may have been for Ciampa.

- Neither man controlled the match for much longer than the other.

- Only 18 seconds separated how long the competitors were able to control the proceedings.

- The majority of the match wasn't controlled by either man, highlighting the closeness of this bout.


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