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Match Report - Kenny Omega vs Kip Sabian

AEW Dark 10

This was a very good effort from Kip Sabian against his much more established opponent. Sabian troubled Omega throughout this match and made him work for his win.

Despite Kip Sabian's impressive performance, Kenny Omega was dominant in every aspect of this match. He finished the match with superior statistics to Sabian in every single category with the exception on dives.

As well as dominating the offence in this match, Kenny Omega achieved very impressive strikedown and reversal rates.

By analysing the flow of offence from this match we see huge amounts of tide changes as the two competitors traded reversals and offence. We also notice each man was able to control certain periods of the match with a cluster of surges for each man. We also notice the extent of the damage caused by Kenny Omega's closing sequence as he put Sabian away.

Despite Omega's dominance, this was a hotly contested match. With over half of it being categorised by neutral or back and forth periods. Out with this Omega almost doubled the time Sabian was in control of the match with his own total.

When we break this match into 5 minute periods, we notice a steady progression of Omega's offence. He wrestled a paced match. On the other-hand, Sabian was possibly too eager to earn a big win and peaked midway through the match allowing Omega to tear him apart in the last 5 minutes.


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