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Martinez's Terrible Start | AEW Rampage In-ring Statistics | 5th February '22.

Thunder Rosa is AEW's next big star in the Women's Division, so a match between her and a high-profile debutant should have been an easy home run. However the long awaited grudge match only went 6 minutes, in terms of televised time as it the 'Picture in Picture' was cut short on Fite. It then ended in a DQ before ever getting going and to make matters worse, Martinez barely landed any offence to establish her as a force before taking the cheap way out.

This debut made me think of Fit Findlay's WWE debut in 2006. In this debut, Findlay was disqualified in losing to Matt Hardy as he embarked on a string of such defeats. Mercedes Martinez will hope this is not the plan for her character, however her start is already worse than Findlay's as at least he got plenty of offence in to put him across as a nasty heel.


- Rosa with double the offence.

- No strikedowns is bizarre for someone who will presumably be a dominant heel.

- Rosa even dominated the powerful grapple-slams stat.

Check out the stats from Jay Lethal vs Ricky Starks and Sammy Guevara vs Isiah Kassidy:


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