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Kenny Omega vs Bryan Danielson | In-ring Stats from AEW Grand Slam

Updated: Nov 22, 2021

Hello and welcome to the, yet again(!), belated AEW Dynamite Stats for the Arthur Ashe, Grand Slam episode of AEW Dynamite. AEW set themselves a huge challenge by building this show up for months and presenting it as their biggest yet. The Dynamite episode of Grand Slam consisted of two World Champion's matches bookending the shows.

Oh yes! One of them was...

Bryan Danielson vs Kenny Omega

Notable Stats:

- Danielson almost doubles Omega in terms of Total Offence.

- Omega doubles Danielson for Strikedowns.

- Omega uses two Dives, in a rarity for his heel character.

- Danielson almost equals Omega for Fouls.

- Omega quadruples Danielson for Taunts.

- Omega utilised more Big Offence than Danielson despite Total Offence disparity.

Notable Details:

- Danielson achieved 6 One-minute totals that exceeded or equalled Omega's biggest peak in the 11th minute.

- Danielson also had a 6 minute period where he got no Offence in at all.

- Omega didn't take as much advantage of his periods of control as Danielson did; Omega out controlled more of the match than Danielson 16m-11m.

Notable Details:

- Omega's wastage of his 6 minutes of complete control are really illustrated by the swiftness of Danielson's return to dishing out more Total Offence immediately after.

- Omega only holds the lead for Total Offence dished out for 6 of the 30 minutes of this match.

- The strength of Danielson's finish and the presentation of the time limit thwarting him is highlighted by the numbers.

Comparing Bryan Danielson vs Kenny Omega

Notable Stats:

- This was the slowest paced match in terms of tide changes; least Reversal Rate.

- Omega's Taunt Rate was only 3rd highest amongst the established heels.

- Omega's Dive Rate was 2nd highest out of those heels.

- Danielson used the most Submissions per hour out of the babyfaces.

- Only Cody used fewer Taunts than Danielson, per hour.

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Calup Mullings
Calup Mullings
Jul 08, 2023

what are considered "fouls"

Sergei Alderman
Sergei Alderman
Sep 03, 2023
Replying to

Apologies nobody got back to you. Explanantions of all categories can be found here:

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