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G1 Blocks Tables and In-Ring Stats Update - Post Night 8.

In this article we are going to check in on the A Block and B Block League Standings after 4 rounds of fixtures as well as analysis some of the in-ring performances of individuals.

Block League Standings

Jumping out straight away is Yujiro's complete lack of points on the board. I, personally, am hoping it stays that was as I accidentally made him a freebie on the G1 Fantasy Faction League!

At the other end of the table we saw both 100% records screech to a holt in the 4th round with both Taichi and White falling to Okada and Ospreay respectively. With 5 matches to go we now have 5 competitors sitting on 6 points at the top and Okada just behind those 5 on 4 points.

At the bottom of the table, nobody would take any bet that Yujiro has any chances of finishing in the top spots, however 2 points on the board makes things hard but not impossible. Takagi and Ishii are not to be completely discounted just yet.

Similarly to the A Block, the only two 100% records fell on the 4th round of fixtures. Both Naito and Yano lost on the fourth tie of asking, to SANADA and Robinson respectively. We now have 3 men vying for the top spot in B Block in Robinson, Yano and Naito.

At the bottom of the table, SANADA ended his winless streak in the biggest manner possible by defeating the previously undefeated double champion and LIJ leader, Tetsuya Naito. This puts SANADA on par with Goto and Yoshi-Hashi on 2 points.

We also have 4 men in the middle of the pack all with 4 points. KENTA, Zack Sabre Jr, EVIL and Tanahashi are all only 2 points, 1 win, off the top of the league table so will have a lot riding on their next couple of matches.

In-Ring Statistics

In-ring Styles

We are now going to look at the trends and highlights from the in-ring statistics that have played out so far after 8 nights of G1 action. We will, first, be using the spreadsheet designed by Brandon Thurston that brings forward G1 wrestler's wrestling styles.

Organised by Flying Rating.
Organised by Unorthodox Rating. Fouls and Taunts.
Organised by Technical Rating. Submissions and Reversals.
Organised by Striking Rating. Strikes and Strikedowns.
Organised by Grapple Rating.

In-Ring Statistics

Using Statistics to Preview.

As an example here are the 2 main events from the next two nights.

In-Ring Statistics

Offence Difference

Finally we are looking at the difference between how much offence a wrestler has used minus how much offence they have taken. Which wrestlers have used more offence than they have taken and which wrestlers have taken more offence than they have utilised. This spreadsheet was designed by Steven Willson.


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