Final Weekly Update: Truing the Metrics and Looking Ahead

Updated: Jan 4

We did it! It’s over! We survived 2021! And Happy New Year, of course!

Disclaimer: Over the last seven days, I have made an overhaul in the way I track Metrics . The short version is that in assembling the year-end numbers for the first time in real time, I found it intensely problematic that having both Quality Points and Streaks, the latter of which is part of Elite Points, carry over from year-to-year. I resolved the issue of quality with several hundred calculations and should be able to avoid the same issue next year. However, regarding winning and losing streaks that pass through multiple years makes it challenging to, effectively, true the data. The result is that while the information about winning and losing streaks will remain on the spreadsheets, it will not be a part of the calculation. This means that the numbers in the tables below are slightly adjusted from the previous week. The good news is that it had a very minimal effect on how the final Top 10 list of 2021 shook out.

It was a very happy 2021 for Jungle Boy, who despite not holding any championship this managed to finish first in Total Metrics for the calendar year. Due to the re-calculation noted above, it truly took until the final days for him to surge and stack ahead thanks largely to both Singles and Tag Ranking Points, which since the launch of Rampage have with occasional exception appeared twice weekly. See my Q4 Analysis article for additional notes on this. Of course, having the most matches of anyone on the roster clearly provided an advantage but Jack Perry did the work; he stayed healthy and won time and again, notwithstanding this week’s Loss on Dynamite. Fittingly, all three year-end champions of the world managed their way into the Top 10 as did Jack Perry’s stablemate Luchasaurus. Notably, Miro is the only one who was not with the company at launch. Clearly, his TNT Championship earlier this year made an impact; time will tell if this was a sign of future things to come for The Redeemer.

Dr. Britt Baker, DMD, the reigning Women’s World Championhas ended the leader of Total Metrics on the Women’s Roster for 2021! It’s no surprise as with the relatively fewer number of women on the roster this was much more a runaway. Like Ruby Soho before her, Jade Cargill found victory in her Semi Final match as a part of the TBS Championship Tournament nears its end. Thunder Rosa carried her to a great match and, once she has dispatched of the newly returning Mercedes Martinez can then finally cast her focus solely back onto the above-noted dentist. Tay Conti, along with Anna Jay, ended the year with a pair of Tag victories. I’m glad to see feuds for the women beyond the title scene but do not confuse with suggesting the need for additional championships.

Moxley was edged out of the Top 10 for 2021 but, as I hope we all do, continued wishing him a safe recovery. I believe he should take all the time he needs before returning to action and completing the heel turn that was being primed prior to his departure. Speaking of, the discounting of Streaks mean that both Wardlow and Danielson did not quite make the Top 20 but Tony Khan may have big plans for each in the weeks and months ahead. Adam Cole continues to be front and centre of AEW programming and I think that’s terrific. The number of permutations with all the parties involved means that we should be seeing fresh matchups each week leading to Revolution and hopefully beyond. I’ve included both The Bunny and Anna Jay here as a small thank you for putting their bodies on the line in an entertaining Street Fight to likely put and to their feud. I’m unsure where each goes from here but a title match for one of the Battle of the Belts quarterly specials seems a worthy goal. As mentioned last week, I will be adding a few follow-up pieces to firmly wrap up the year including an analysis focusing in on the last 3 months as well as separate year in review. Take a look if you’ve got the time. Anyone with questions or comments is encouraged to respond here or on Twitter @AEWmetrics.

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