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In both the last days of 2021 and first few of 2022 I found myself consumed by the metrics I have compiled in a very different way. Wrapping up a calendar year has a finality to and, conversely, beginning a new one brings the opportunity for renewal and a fresh start. The prospect of going further (what I consider a level deeper) with my data has been rattling around in my brain for a while and the natural progression was to get beyond the cumulative calculation, or Total Metrics, I had assembled in the months previous. The logical result is Divisional Metrics; in effect, this isolates the points earned within either a Singles*, Tag, Trios or Multi (4-on-4, 5-on-5, etc.) context. Today I present Top 5 all-time leaders for the three divisions that AEW presents Official Rankings for.

*To avoid confusion, I make an effort to refer to a wrestler's Total Metrics as "Individual" and his/her aggregate points in 1-on-1/2-on-1/3-on-1 competition as "Singles".

There is not a surprise on this list as all the men are either current or former champions. That's what they have in common but, as usual, I encourage you to look closer. Notably, there is a considerable drop off from #1 Moxley to #2 Omega. Recall that Omega's reign was longer but that he defended the World Championship less frequently. (It should be noted that Championship Points count all Title Defenses so Mox's two IWGP US and Omega's two AAA Mega are also counted here.) The biggest single difference is in Quality Points, explained easily enough that Moxley has been almost exclusively in Singles whereas Omega found success with Page as a Tag Team Champion for most of 2020. Moxley has also achieved more through Ranking Points , which surprised me initially but does make sense considering the build to his showdown with Jericho and the fact he then challenged Kenny again after losing the title. Moxley also has the highest Elite Points, which again is a by-product of his greater volume - 19 more Singles matches. In turn, this makes Omega's MPM (Metrics Per Match) more than 30% higher.

In fact, Moxley has more than double #5, current World Champion Adam Page, but obviously this gap will close in the months ahead the longer Hangman holds onto the belt. The Anxious Millennial Cowboy also stands out as he is the only one on this listing to have earned significant Battle Royal Points, winning both the inaugural Casino Battle Royale (the very first AEW match) and co-winning the first Dynamite Diamond Ring iteration with MJF. This just exemplifies the different path to the top that Page was on from the beginning.

Once again, having gold certainly separates you from the pack when looking at all-time Women's Singles Metrics. Shida tops the table in three out of five categories although her lead in Quality Points is not very significant. Nyla, the second and shortest reigning Women's World Champion, has thus relied on Ranking Points to maintain her relevance. However, it is the 5th name on this list, Thunder Rosa, that I want to delve into. Her journey in AEW, coming in as a defending NWA World Women's Champion, immediately put her on a different footing with the audience, myself included. Even after dropping that title to Serena Deeb, Rosa has been a winning force. To have accumulated so many Wins is great, but note that the winning percentage of her Defeated Opponents is considerably less. This is clearly deliberate as she has been built up twice only to be cooled down, most recently against newly crowned TBS Champion Jade Cargill. As for Rosa, she still seems destined to be on a crash course to take on Dr. Britt Baker, DMD.

A further note on Cargill: the announcement that her first match post-title victory match is an Eliminator speaks to the fact that this championship will be treated differently than its male counterpart, the TNT Championship, which is predicated on the possibility of open challengers appearing at any time. For those unaware, Eliminator matches are effectively non-title matches wherein if the challenger wins, he/she/they receive another match against the champion(s) but this time with the championship on the line. By contrast, a TNT Champion has never had an Eliminator match. With this secondary championship now firmly in play, this listing could look very different 6 months and a year from now.

It's the Young Bucks and everyone else. I mean, they're not EVPs for nothing. Here we have an absolute clean sweep across every Metric category. They are the longest reigning World Tag Team Champions in AEW history and are almost always in the Official Rankings otherwise. But I don't want to talk about Matt and Jeff; I want to talk about A Boy and His Dinosaur, now known as Jurassic Express.

The current and soon-to-be defending World Tag Team Champions have been with AEW since the beginning and have been built up slowly and consistently during this time. What's remarkable is that simultaneously Jungle Boy has also been repeatedly featured as a Singles star, ending a winless 2019 for Jungle Boy with a memorable 10-minute Draw against World Champion Chris Jericho. with multiple other championship matches and Battle Royal victories to his name. Even so, these pursuits have never taken away from Jurassic Express' relevance in the tag division, particularly once they entered the Official Rankings in May 2020. I will likely expand upon this unique rise in a separate article later this month.

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