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AEW Wrestler's Performance Statistics

In the article below you will find statistics on the AEW women's division in 2020. These statistics are gathered from 1v1 matches only. Only the top 6 women in terms of ring time, have been displayed in the charts.

Analysis in this article is based around per hour rates. For offence totals in 1v1 matches in 2020 or average offence per match in 1v1 matches in 2020, click the link above.

An average rate of offence is more illustrative than totals or per match rates due to the disparity in number of matches or total ring times. The only issue is that shorter matches skew the numbers somewhat. Bare this in mind when looking at the stats.

Ring times and quantity of matches available in the document linked above.

Strike Rate

Big Swole has a remarkable strike rate, the fastest in AEW in fact. She comfortable outstrips her competitors, her strike per hour rate based on her current accumulative match time more than doubles that of current champion, Nyla Rose.

There is little to differ the middle of the pack, Riho and Baker do have a comfortable gap to Statlander and Shida.

Grapple Rate

Big Swole's imperious strike rate does not harm her grapple rate too much as she comes in the middle of the pack here. The leader of the pack being Hikaru Shida.

Shida has a slight lead over Britt Baker with former champion Riho trailing the leader be a solid margin. Riho, Swole and Statlander are so similar in terms of grapple usage that they are only separated by decimal points.

Again, champion Nyla Rose is last. Her success certainly doesn't come from her grapple usage. Which is surprising for such a powerful competitor.

Dive Rate

It's the Japanese competitors that lead the way for use of diving offence in the AEW Women's Division. Riho and Hikaru Shida are the only two women to have an hourly dive rate of over 10.

Kris Statlander is another who utilised high risk offence. Big Swole and Nyla Rose rarely take to the skies. However, the least likely to leave the safety of the ground is Britt Baker.

Submission Rate

She may not take to the skies in fact, Britt Baker prefers to do the opposite. Baker averages an hourly rate of 358 seconds committed to trying to grind her opponents into the mat. The doctor uses her knowledge of the human body to aim to submit her opponents.

Swole, Rose and Statlander all utilise submission based offence if not nearly to the same standard as Baker. The high-flying Japanese competitors, Shida and Riho do not favour submission offence. Both of whom barely use this from of offence.


If you have enjoyed looking deeper into AEW wrestler's styles in the early days of 2020 please check out the full document here.

Next week, we will be looking at 2v2 male tag performances in 2020.


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