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AEW Statistics - Wrestler's In-ring Performance Statistics - Male Tag 2v2 Matches.

This article contains AEW Tag team's statistics from 2v2 tag matches in 2020. To provide a reasonable sample size, teams who have not wrestled at least 20 minutes have been excluded from this piece of analysis.

Shorter wrestling times mean wrestlers have sold less in their matches leading to an inflated rate of offence. To see the full statistics click this link to go to the Office 365 Excel document containing all the information. This document can be sorted to compare each category.

Analysis in this article is based around per hour rates. For offence totals in 2v2 matches in 2020 or average offence per match in 2v2 matches in 2020, click the link above.

An average rate of offence is more illustrative than totals or per match rates due to the disparity in number of matches or total ring times. The only issue is that shorter matches skew the numbers somewhat. Bare this in mind when looking at the stats.

Ring times and quantity of matches available in the document linked above.

Strike Rate

The Butcher and the Blade have tried their hardest to pummel their opponents into defeat with limited success. The team who fit the most strikes into their performances in the ring are yet to score a win in 2v2 action in 2020! 280 strikers per hour but at the end of the day 0 and 3 is an abysmal start to the year.

Interestingly the team that is currently tag team champs are second to last in terms of strike rate. Kenny Omega and Hangman Adam Page are renowned strikers, however their statistics show that when they strike, they make it count. They have the 3rd highest strikedown percentage out of these teams with 26% of their strikes thrown resulting in knock down.

Grapple Rate

This type of offence provides a contrasting story to that of striking. The two top purveyors of power moves in the AEW tag division are also the two top tag teams in AEW this year. With a 2v2 record of 5 and 0 for both teams and the top two slots in this comparison, it seems used of big grapples in tag team matches is a must.

This is further backed up when we notice the teams that have done badly here are all at the bottom of this table too. The only poorly performing tag team not in the bottom half of this table is Butcher and Blade.

Dive Rate

The Young Bucks do a lot of dives, who knew? The other teams near the top of this graph will not surprise you either. You may expect to see more dives from Lucha Bros, however the team has not looked themselves so far this year so perhaps that is yet to come!

Butcher and the Blade seem to have taken their lead from their employer, MJF and rarely leave the ground. In fact they have utilised the exact same number of dives in 2020 as MJF, 1.

Submission Rate

The experienced vets of the tag team division are the team utilising submission offence the most. With a combined age higher than that of most of their opponents, this is a strategy that makes sense. With SCU just being off the back of a tag team title reign, this is a tactic that has worked for them.

Some may be surprised to see the Lucha Bros in 3rd in terms of submission usage. It will be interesting to see if this remains a tactic as they get back to their best or was this just plan b to compensate for Fenix's loss of form?

Tag Usage

The Dark Order are the team far and above everyone else when it comes to using tags with a tag rate almost double of every team and actually more than double that of 7 of their 9 rivals! A winning formula perhaps?

Well this theory is backed up by former champs SCU having the 4th highest rate of tags but is undermined by the current champs having the second to last tag rate. However, this probably is not a surprise to followers of the PWM dubbed 'Mega Cowboys' as they are not a long-standing tag team and do have a strained relationship.


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