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AEW Statistics - Wrestler's In-ring Performance Statistics - Male Singles 1v1s

This article contains AEW wrestler's statistics from 1v1 singles matches in 2020. To provide a reasonable sample size, wrestlers who have not wrestled at least 20 minutes have been excluded from this piece of analysis.

Shorter wrestling times mean wrestlers have sold less in their matches leading to an inflated rate of offence. To see the full statistics click this link to go to the Office 365 Excel document containing all the information. This document can be sorted to compare each category.

Analysis in this article is based around per hour rates. For offence totals in 1v1 matches in 2020 or average offence per match in 1v1 matches in 2020, click the link above.

An average rate of offence is more illustrative than totals or per match rates due to the disparity in number of matches or total ring times. The only issue is that shorter matches skew the numbers somewhat. Bare this in mind when looking at the stats.

Ring times and quantity of matches available in the document linked above.

Top Strikers

It is no surprise to see Jericho top of this list. In recent years he has relied more on brawling offence with bigger move rationed throughout matches. This way he is able to compete at the highest level without putting too much pressure on his aging body. Number 2, Dustin Rhodes is very similar.

The performance of Kip Sabian is noteworthy in contrast to Jericho and Dustin. The far younger AEW prospect crammes his performances full of strikes to prevent his opponents time to breathe.

The middle of pack sees the cutting edge of AEW wrestling. Top stars, Cody, Omega and Moxley are joined by the up and coming Janela.

Guevara in within touching distance of the top AEW stars whereas PAC may be disappointed in his lacklustre use of strikes. A disappointing start to AEW may be due to an overly deliberate style that may need more offence to prevent his opponents to recover.

Top Grapplers

Please note numbers are rounded to whole numbers. which is why some bars are lower yet being labelled with the same value.

Aging veterans Jericho and Dustin are again at the top of the mountain when it comes to utilising his impact grappling slams. Both utilising powerful slams to reduce the agility of their generally younger opponents.

With little between the chasing pack it seems there is little difference in the use of high impact slams. However, Cody and Moxley may want to make more use of this damaging form of offence. Especially Moxley, who cannot rely on his resilience for ever. (Moxley has taken more than double the offence of any other AEW wrestler in 2020 in 1v1 matches)

Top Divers

Well we have an obvious place to start here! Darby Allin is electric in the ring, no question about it, but does he need to reconsider his style to really progress into the upper echelon of pro wrestling? He should perhaps, follow the example of Will Ospreay who has altered his style without losing what made him special.

Surprisingly, Chris Jericho is second in terms of using dives inside the ring. He is still making use of the Lionsault and the Triangle Dropkick. Less surprisingly Guevara is number 3, substituting powerful grapples for high impact dives.

No one will be surprised at MJF's unwillingness to take high impact risks, however others may be surprised at Kenny Omega's lack of dives in the early period of 2020 (31 minutes of 1v1 offence thus far).

Top Submission Wrestlers

Mjf won't take to the skies or use the cardio required for numerous striking but he will grind his opponents down with a plethora of submission holds.

Should PAC be second on this list? Is this the best use of his skill set? His lack of success so far in AEW may suggest otherwise. The same could not be said for Sabian who manages to do both and has arguable over delivered so far in AEW in 2020 appearing on the Top 5 more than once.

Jericho is fourth which isn't surprising but you would be forgiven for expecting him to be higher up the standings. Darby Allin however is surprising for being in fifth for the opposite reasoning.


If you have enjoyed looking deeper into AEW wrestler's styles in the early days of 2020 please check out the full document here.

Next week, we will be looking at1v1 Female Singles performances in 2020.


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